3 Ideas to Build Customer Loyalty During the Holidays

Give Personalized Gifts to Customers

A simple personalized note is a great way to show appreciation around the holidays, but giving gifts, in any form, to your best customers will make your business stand out and will help build brand loyalty. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, though. These gifts can be as simple as chocolates, holiday cookies, or a coupon for your services or products. As an added benefit, use the holiday season to market your business by putting your logo on customized items such as mugs, long sleeve t-shirts, pens, and other products. Add a holiday message along with your logo to create a truly personalized gift.

For more tips on personalized gifts for your customers, check out our “Holiday Gift Guide“.

Reach Out Frequently With Personalized Emails

The holiday season is notorious for over promotion via email. Don’t fall into this trap – create a well thought out schedule for your sales-focused holiday emails. Alternate between “special deals” offers and educational content that is relevant to them. To stand out, try personalized subject lines and email content as much as possible using customer names or referencing previously purchased items or services. Adding a personal note into the email thanking them and wishing them happy holidays, can go a long way too.


Amazing Customer Service

Keep in mind, the holiday season will mean an influx of traffic to your site or retail location. More customers means the potential for an increase in customer complaints and issues. This is the time to go above and beyond with your customer service. Make sure you have a large enough, well trained team to deal with any and all customer issues that may come in. At FreeLogoServices.com, we make sure that we are well equipped around the holidays, and get amazing reviews on TrustPilot because of it!

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