3 Stats to Make You Rethink How You Package Your Product(s)

Oh, the places your logo could go — if you put it on your packaging, the places are truly endless. Think about it: your packaging could be doing so much more than just carrying purchased products.

Custom packaging, including branded stickers, can be a walking billboard for your brand, a representation of your promise to deliver a great experience to each and every customer, each and every time they visit your store.

From the powerful, emotional connection that Tiffany’s robin’s egg-blue box evokes, to the simple-style-with-that-whimsical-smile look of an Amazon package parked on your front stoop, packaging should tell a story — YOUR story. And your logo should be the first part of that story.

Putting your logo on your bags and boxes is a powerful way to brand your business and get noticed, especially when you consider that:

90% of consumers reuse product packaging after purchase.

Make it great and you make it hard for consumers to throw it away. Every time your packaging is reused, you’re essentially getting free advertising and brand exposure to more people than your original customer.

Businesses see a 30% increase in consumer interest when using premium packaging.

Think classy and you’ll be classy. When you put thought into your packaging, it shows you’re serious about your business. It presents you as a professional, trustworthy brand. It enhances your customer’s experience with your brand and is a proven way to keep them coming back.

40% of consumers are likely to share a photo of interesting packaging on social media (83% of those would share on Facebook).

Think about that for a second. If one customer shares a photo of your packaging featuring your logo with, say, 200 Facebook friends, that’s 200 new impressions — 200 FREE new impressions. And if some of those folks then share your photo with their friends? Well, the exponential possibilities are staggering.


Start telling your story today. Get your logo on custom packaging for your business and start getting the recognition — and more importantly, the customers — you need to grow.

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Source: 2013 Ecommerce Packaging Survey


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