5 Other Industries That Need a Business Card

Every industry requires its professionals to have business cards. Of course, for many businesses, agents, firms, and other practices, this is pretty obvious. A lot of large businesses have corporate business cards for all of their employees.

This is great, but smaller businesses need business cards too. Even if your business isn’t really a “business,” it still doesn’t hurt to represent yourself professionally. If you have a small side business, or side project, or just a hobby you’d like to take more seriously, networking is your next step.

Below are a few careers in which business cards are necessary, even though you may not think so at first.

What industries need a business card the most

  1. Artist – Artists are their own brand. There are usually no employees for an artist, and no classic office space. It’s the artist, the studio, and the product. Business cards are a great way for artists to showcase their art and get their name out there at the same time. Not every art buyer or gallery owner will stumble upon your website or find you on social media. Artists need to get their name out there by going to other gallery openings, shows and conventions and handing out their business cards. You can even include samples of your work right on the business card itself, complete with your skillsets, phone number, and online webpages.
  2. Blogger – This is a really important one. Bloggers usually work alone, but this doesn’t mean that they’re the only person involved with the production of their blog. Bloggers work alongside with guest contributors, sponsors, advertisers, and even commenters to keep their blog alive. Blogs grow as the number of these supporters grows. Most blogs report on the news of one industry, so, as a blogger, you should be heavily immersed in what you write about. This means going to industry events and handing out your custom, professional business card to everyone to grow your network of readers, authors, and sponsors.
  3. Musician – There are millions and millions of musicians in the world, all trying to get a spot on the big stage. What can set you apart? Professional memorability. Make yourself stand out by printing custom business cards for your music career. Venue bookers go through thousands of acts every month. The smart musician will leave a piece of his brand behind, and not just a band sticker. Put your phone number on the card and put some extra information about your act and type of music. Business cards can keep your music career within arm’s reach of a booker at all times.
  4. Computer Programmer – Developers, coders, software engineers, programmers–every computer specialist is different. Similarly, every programmer has a different set of skills. Whether you’re back-end, Android, or Java, you need to differentiate yourself. A business card is a great place to showcase your talents. Along with your name and contact information, list your strengths–brag a little bit. Employers look for creativity and succinctness in developers. Take that as a challenge! Try and fit all your skills and information on your card in a cool and creative way, without crowding the card or making it too busy. (Hint: Use the back!)
  5. Farmer – Business cards are a good move for farmers who are ready to take their crop to the next level. Once you start selling product rapidly, it’s time to expand. For farmers, a little market could be the drive. Hand out your card at the market; establish yourself as a confident and professional businessperson. A farmer can start making deliveries, and that’s where your contact information comes in. Start a business by delivering your crop to your community.

Smart marketing starts with a great business card.

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