5 Things to Avoid in Logo Design

Don’t make the silly mistakes.

We tell you so much about how to design the perfect logo for your business. But, we seem to skim over a few things not to do. What you put into your design is just as important as what you don’t. A logo can be compromised if you fail to take into account these 5 things to avoid during the Logo Design process.

   1.Don’t go in excess to make your logo unique.

A good logo doesn’t do something just because. The uniqueness of your logo is dependent on the uniqueness of your personality and your company. Take what’s unique from your small business and project that in your logo. Don’t put anything in your logo just because no one else has, as this will confuse any customers. Don’t be different to be different, be different to differentiate.

   2.Don’t use too many colors.

First, to create a strong brand, it has to be simple. If your logo has 7 different colors, what color are you going to make your shirts? In order to keep your brand consistent, use a simple color scheme that will translate well to different media. Second, the more colors you have, the more expensive the printing process becomes. Keep your costs down and your logo simple.

   3.Don’t use the face of any living person.

Whether you know the person or not, this is never a good idea. If you know the person, your logo can be offensive or inappropriate if anything happens between the two of you or to the person themselves. If you don’t know the person, chances are you have not gotten the proper approval for using his or her likeness and you may have a hefty lawsuit on your hands. Even though, neither of these are guaranteed to happen, it’s best to just avoid it.

   4.Avoid complex imagery.

Similar to the first tip, we again look at complexity. The number one in logo-making is to keep it simple so it’s memorable. Avoid using symbols, images, and words that will only confuse people. Always say it simpler and shorter when possible.

   5.Don’t use religious icons or national flags.

Don’t associate your brand with any particular group whenever possible. Of course some companies–like restaurants–link their business with a national flag, but otherwise it is not wise to do so. If there is any hostility towards the country of which your logo is the flag, that will deter a large group of people from doing business with you. Same goes for religious symbols. Religious symbols are powerful tools, but not fit for business logos because you don’t want to be offensive in any way.

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