5 Ways to Get More New Customers

As a small business, getting new customers is vital to the success of your business. The most common questions that we get is “How do I get more customers”? We suggest creating a cohesive online and offline presence. Online marketing can be more cost effective through the use of free tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, but your offline marketing can often be more effective for local marketing.

To get started, try these 5 proven strategies.

1. Use Custom Signs (With Discounts)

Put banners in your storefront or a lawn sign outside highlighting special offers and discounts. A highly-visible sale can often get new customers into a store or restaurant that they’ve never been to.

2. Offer New Customer Promotions

The best way to convert leads into customers is to offer an added incentive. This can be a discount, a coupon to use on a future purchase, or a giveaway like a notebook, t-shirt, or a tote that they receive with a first purchase.

3. Free Online Marketing Channels 

Set up profiles on local search and review sites like Yelp and Google My Business. New customers will be able to find you when looking for local businesses in your industry. As a bonus, they can also see reviews from your satisfied customers.

4. Network Locally

Participate in local events, like road races and farmers markets, and network with the residents. Hand out business cards, small promotional products, or a sample of your goods or services.

5. Social Media Channels

Facebook and Twitter are free and easy ways to create buzz about your business. Showcase your products and promote your ‘new customer’ offers, while directly interacting with customers.


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