6 Questions to Ask While Creating a Logo

Designing a logo can be a tough task, we know that better than anyone. Logos incorporate everything your business is and aspires to be. Before diving in and building your brand into something that it’s not, here are six questions to ask yourself while creating a logo.

   1.What emotions does the logo evoke?

Logos need to reflect the character of the company. The colors, fonts, and shapes need to directly associate with the goals and ideas of your business. Black block letters wouldn’t work for a daycare, just as pink bubble letters wouldn’t work for a law firm.

   2.What’s the meaning behind the logo?

A great logo needs a relevant story. Picking cookie-cutter logos is never a good idea. Your logo should represent something that is instrumental for your business or something that is unique about your company.

   3.Will the logo stand the test of time?

Just as most designs, trends go in and out. Font that is considered modern today, may not in ten years. Blue (“the world’s favorite color”) may not be as popular in the future as it is today. Create a logo, and just sit with it for a couple days. Look at it everyday, several times a day, if you get bored of it, so will your audience.

   4.Is it unique? Can it be instantly recognizable?

Nobody likes a copycat. Your business is unique, your logo should be too. Make sure that your logo, even know it may seem original, that it does not resemble any other logos in any context. We are not making this point to avoid lawsuits, which is also a reason, but simply to make sure that no one confuses your company with a different one. Recognizing is synonymous with memorability in terms of logo design.

   5.How does it look in black and white?

This is a question that many beginner logo designers often look past. Many newspapers do not print fully in color, just as other colors aren’t available on certain visual platforms. Just to be prepared, always adjust the brightness and contrast of colors so the logo still has the same impact when it is only in black and white. This can make or break even the best logo design.

   6.Is it clear and distinct in small dimensions?

Whether your logo is printed on a billboard or shown as the icon for your mobile app, your logo needs to be recognizable and clear. For small dimensions, make sure that there are not too many details and images that may cause clutter from afar. Logos should always be clear.

Play around with your logo. Have fun. There’s no single perfect logo, but there is a perfect logo to represent your company, and your mission is to make it.

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