Branding Essentials for Your Business

Let’s focus here on the basics of branding your business. Of course, there are thousands of ways to make your business stronger, but let’s look at a few of the simplest, most affordable, and most effective techniques. These techniques all have to do with shareable, useful branded products–the low-cost printed products with your logo that you can hand out freely to customers, friends, and family alike.

The more people that see your brand, the more customers your business will have. So, you need products that people are going to keep for a while. There are two reasons why someone would keep a product from you printed with your logo: usefulness and durability, or importance. You can embrace both of these traits with three simple products.

Top 3 promotional products for your business

  1. Business Cards

    Week after week, we return to the importance of business cards for your business. The reason being, they are super important! We’ll talk about them in every post on this blog until everyone has one. A good, thick business card is durable and has all your contact information on it. Having your name and number at your customers’ fingertips is important to them. It makes you available, approachable, and helpful. Business cards stick around for a while and a great card design can easily set you apart from your competition.

  2. Letterhead

    Don’t waste any more opportunities to put your brand right in the hands of your customers. Every invoice, memo, flyer, mailer, and newsletter you send out to your customers should be printed with your brand. Design and download custom letterheads with your logo to use for all of these purposes and more. If you use a custom letterhead for important paperwork, it won’t get thrown away. Sign contracts on paper with your logo and your customer is always going to keep that piece of paper, thus always keeping your logo and brand around.

  3. Pens

    Lastly, you need a product that your customers can actually use several times a day, every day. Custom pens. Pens are durable, useful, cheap, small, easy to pack, and easy to give away. People leave pens on their desks for weeks, and use them until they run out of ink or lose them–which then brings your pen into the hands of someone else. Not bad marketing. While the other two products stick around because they’re important, pens stick around because they’re just really useful. Anyone could always use an extra pen.

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