Creative Business Card Ideas: How to Stand Out Instead of Getting Thrown Out

As a small business owner, having a business card with all of your information to give out is critical. It’s the best way to exchange contact info with any connections you make. However, it is also the first impression of your brand. Making your card into something creative and usable adds value, which makes it less likely to be one of the many that get thrown in the trash. Here are some tips on how to make your business card a keeper.

Appointment Reminders:

If you run a business that has appointments, like a hair salon or a private practice doctor, try adding a space for appointment reminders. Our business card designer tool allows you to add this to the back of your card! Your customers will appreciate having one easy place to reference if they forget their appointment time or need to get in contact with you.

Exclusive Discount:

Add a coupon to the back of your business cards that your customers can use the next time they spend money with you. You can also make it a scratch card with a mystery discount. Even if you have the same discount on all of the cards, it makes it more exciting for your customers.

Punch Cards:

Make your business card into a loyalty card as an incentive for your customers to hang onto it.  Every time they purchase from you they’ll get closer to a reward.

Referral Bonus:

Offer an exclusive deal to customers right on your cards. Try a “refer a friend” program that is only available to those who have your business card.

Make it Something Useful

Try making your business card a magnet or a bookmark, or add something to the back such as a tipping chart or an event calendar. Even if it doesn’t match your brand, people will keep your card if it is useful and be reminded of your company every time they use it.

Drive Customers to Your Website and Social Media:

Add your website and social media pages to your card, with the promise of a special offer. While they might not keep your business card, you can now connect and interact with them online.

Try our free business card designer today to make your own creative business cards that are worth holding onto. 

For more information on the importance of business cards, check out “Why Business Cards Still Matter“.

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