Custom Logo Design: How to Stand Out in Your Industry

The Nike logo was created in 1971 by Portland State University student Carolyn Davidson. The original Google logo was created by Sergei Brin, one of the search engine’s co-founders. And the famous Air Jordan logo? Shoe designer Tinker Hatfield created that.

Three famous logos. Three logo designs created by non-professional (at least at the time) logo designers. And while there are valid reasons to hire a professional designer to create your business logo, budget constraints can make it difficult for small businesses to go that route.

Fortunately, there are great web-based platforms that can help you create a fantastic, custom logo for your business; one that will truly stand out in your industry. And standing out is critical when you’re a small business owner.

Unless you’re in a particular niche industry, chances are you are surrounded by competition. Your logo needs to be the one that potential customers notice, memorize and gravitate to when they’re in need of your products or services. In other words, you need to stand out. Here’s how:

Create a Simple Logo

According to Jonah Berger, author of “Contagious: Why Things Catch On,” the easier it is for people to process things, the more they tend to like those things. Consider the three logos mentioned earlier. All three are straightforward designs, and all three are incredibly well-known well-liked brands. Stick to one or two colors if possible and keep words to a minimum (of if you’re like Twitter, eliminate words altogether). Less is indeed more when it comes to effective logo design.

Twitter logo design

Make a Memorable Logo

By keeping it simple, you’re also making your logo design memorable. According to a study conducted by Siegel+Gale, a global branding company, when people were asked what makes a logo memorable, it was simplicity. A clear, simple logo tends to stand out and be more memorable in the minds of the public. However, you still need to stand out from the other guys. Say you run a lawn care business. A beautiful, green graphic of grass makes a lot of sense for your logo — and for every other lawn care business in the area. The simple addition of, perhaps a colorful flower, could be enough to make you stand out in the minds of potential customers.

Logo Colors to Consider


Color plays a huge part in how customers will view your business. It can convey a message you want to send, evoke strong emotions from those viewing it, set a mood or just make a point. Choosing the right color for your logo design can be the difference between failure and success. Let’s take a look at a few colors, what they mean in the eye of a consumer, and which industries that benefit from each:


Red is “urgent,” “energetic,” “sexy” and “bold.” If your business is food, sports or some type of entertainment, red is the right color to add to your logo.


Orange conveys “creativity,” “friendliness,” “youthfulness” and is a great color choice for businesses that cater to children or provide entertainment.


Yellow communicates “energy,” “optimism,” “positivity” and is ideal if you’re in a business like childcare, new technology or fast food.


Green is all about “growth,” “nature,” “nurture” and “youth.” If your industry is medicine, science, tourism or something government-based, green is your go-to hue.


Blue has a “professional,” “credible” and “focused” aura associated with it. Many businesses in the medical, dental and scientific fields find blue to be the perfect color for their logo.


“Powerful,” “strong,” “professional” and “precise,” — all qualities communicated with the use of black in your logo. Construction, manufacturing and marketing are a few of the industries that could benefit from the color black.


White is “simple,” “clean,” “pure,” “fresh” and is a favorite hue for those in the medical, scientific or technology industries.

Of course, there are many other colors to choose from when it comes to your logo design. But choose carefully. Psychology around color is a fascinating but complicated subject. Learn from others in your industry. Do your homework. Your logo is an essential part of your overall brand. Make sure it tells your story as best it can. Let our free logo design software help you tell your brand’s story. Design a logo online today!

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