Home Office Tips: How to Successfully Work From Home

Working from home can be a great option for many reasons – next to no commute, the ability to take care of family during the day, and the freedom to work for any company around the world. On the other hand, it can also create a work environment that is distracting (decreasing productivity) and can blur the lines between work and home life. You could end up working around the clock with little time to unwind.  We’ve compiled some tips to help you make the most of working from home.

1. Create a separate space for work:

Turn a room or a section of your house into your office.  Since this space is a physical separation between work and your home life, transitioning between your workday and personal time should be easier. You’ll be significantly more productive working from a space that feels like a real office, instead of on your couch or kitchen table.  

2. Get dressed every day:

While staying in your pajamas all day might seem like a great perk of working from home, it can make it feel like a lazy vacation day at home. Getting dressed like you’re going to the office (even if it’s a casual office) will put you in the mindset to get things done.

3. Set work hours for yourself:

Your work hours can be whatever time works best for you and anyone you’re doing business with, but make sure everyone is on the same page and that you’re consistent with those hours. Without a clear work schedule, you may under commit or over commit hours to a project leading to either less productivity or burnout.

4. Make multiple to-do lists:

Making a weekly and daily to-do list will help you stay on track and avoid overworking yourself. In the beginning of the week, write down everything that needs to get done and then break it up by day. You can reprioritize as the week goes on if new things come up or your timing was off, but these will help you accomplish what needs to get done.

5. Stay organized:

Organization is extremely important when working from a home office. A little bit of clutter can easily turn into a huge mess when you’re working in your own space, but this can be very distracting and get in the way of your work. Get ahead of a potential mess by investing in branded folders, notebooks, and other office supplies to stay organized and professional.

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