Low-Cost Employee Benefits That Your Startup Can Actually Afford

Hiring great employees is essential to the survival of any small business. However, to get the best talent in the door, you’ll need to offer appealing benefits, which can get expensive. Here are some ideas for employee perks to attract new employees that won’t break the bank:

Awesome Coffee and Snacks

Since you are only buying for a few people, you can get more high-end, tailored snacks and coffee options without spending a ton of money. For example, almost all companies have free coffee, but at FreeLogoServices we have a high end Nespresso Vertuoline machine that makes coffee and espresso that even the coffee snobs enjoy. It may seem like a small perk but for a coffee lover, it could make a huge difference in their happiness.  It also has the added benefit of keeping  your team alert and awake.  

Flexible Schedules

Allowing your employees freedom in their schedules costs nothing to you, but can make a big difference in their work/life balance. Offer them the option to telecommute and unlimited PTO. If you hire the right employees, they are not going to take advantage of this.

Cool Office Space

Since you have a limited number of employees who will be working out of the space, you have some freedom to find a unique office. For example, the FreeLogoServices headquarters is in a large, eclectic, loft style space with natural light, open areas with comfortable chairs and couches, and multiple meeting rooms.

Fun Team Parties

Encouraging team bonding is the best way to boost employee morale. With a small team, you have the ability to facilitate more team outings or gatherings. There is less planning, it is more cost-effective, and usually opens the doors to more unique events. At FreeLogoServices, we often have board game nights in the office or get drinks at one of the nearby bars.

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