group of young adults golfing and wearing branded polos

Where to Wear Your Custom Polos

See your brand in a whole new way with custom embroidered polos. With polos, it’s not just your logo printed on some cloth in some bright-colored ink. Your logo is threaded meticulously and reviewed thoroughly to make sure it’s perfect. Once you have custom polos, though, what to do next? Here’s five places where you […]

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smiling man with speech bubble thinking about logos

6 Questions to Ask While Creating a Logo

Designing a logo can be a tough task, we know that better than anyone. Logos incorporate everything your business is and aspires to be. Before diving in and building your brand into something that it’s not, here are six questions to ask yourself while creating a logo. What emotions does the logo evoke? Logos need […]

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man wearing custom t-shirt

How to Pull Off a Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Guerilla marketing involves unconventional marketing strategies usually executed in the streets or in other uncommon spots on a smallebudget. Stickers, chalk on the sidewalks, and motion ads (among countless others) are some staples of guerilla marketing. The expertise and effectiveness, though, come from originality. Every business is different, and every business has different uses for […]

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coworkers celebrating

5 Ways to Celebrate National Small Business Week

Happy Small Business Week! Congratulations, business owner, this week is for you! Take the time to appreciate and reflect on how far your business has come. But, as you know, business never stops, and you should take advantage of this week, even more than you would any other week, while still having a good time, […]

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trade show item ideas

Overcoming Obstacles in Your Business

For many businesses to continue to grow and thrive, it takes more than just excellent products and services. It takes building awareness and a loyal customer base. It also requires patience and resilience to make it through the difficult times. And it takes building a community of partners, contacts and allies for continued success. Here […]

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outdoor banner with logo

Give That Horse a Logo! Getting Ready for Churchill Downs

Get your finest hat dusted off and practice ordering a Mint Julep. It’s Kentucky Derby Time! Instead of the usual rundown of the five favorite horses in the race, we used our creative license to try our online logo maker to design logos for some of the most-talked-about horses of the season. 1. American Pharoah […]

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custom pen and letterhead

Branding Essentials for Your Business

Let’s focus here on the basics of branding your business. Of course, there are thousands of ways to make your business stronger, but let’s look at a few of the simplest, most affordable, and most effective techniques. These techniques all have to do with shareable, useful branded products–the low-cost printed products with your logo that you can […]

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logo redesign example

How To Re-Brand Your Business The Right Way

You’ve had your business for a few years now, and maybe you want a change. Whether your business has been doing well and you need an upgrade or business has slowed and you need a new push, this post will guide you to the perfect new redesign. How To Successfully Re-Brand Your Business Figure out […]

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branded lawn sign and vinyl banner

How You Can Use Signs & Banners Effectively

Need more exposure for your brand? Sure, you could hire a salesperson or a brand ambassador to go out and tell everyone about your company. But doesn’t that get costly? More employees raises your spending, something that many businesses (of any size) can’t afford. There’s a simple solution to this problem. Signs and banners. Using […]

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Promotional Products

The Best Places to Market Your Business

What are the best places to market a business? TV? Radio? Google? Billboards? There are so many options for all different sizes of budgets. We believe that the best place to market your business is everywhere. Putting a brand in front of as many people as possible, every single day doesn’t have to cost a […]

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