Effective Ways to Promote Your Website Offline

If you don’t already have a website, getting one should be top of your list of goals for the second half of the year. Creating a website for your business can help build your brand, attract new customers through search engines, and position yourself as a reputable business. Once you’ve created your website, make sure you use your domain name on all marketing materials.

Here are some tips for using offline branding products to help promote your website:



business card maker



Business Cards – Try using business cards to offer a special discount that can be used by going to your website, where visitors can retrieve either a printable coupon or a discount code. This way, you’re not only promoting your website but offering a special incentive for people to visit the site.




custom postcards - create



Postcards – Increase brand visibility by posting them on bulletin boards in your area, placing on automobiles in high-traffic shopping areas, and even give them to other local non-competing business owners to hand out.




custom design pens



Promotional Pens  Did you know that people are more likely to hold onto a pen than a business card? You can customize promotional pens to have your logo and website, and any other important information that you can fit, and hand these out instead of business cards.

custom lawn signs

Signage  Lawn signs, banners, and window decals are great options when you want to leave a lasting impression with minimal effort. Customize them with your website, contact information, logo and hours of operation.

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