Free Logos

Giving Your Business a Redesign

You’ve had your business for a few years now, and maybe you want a change. Whether your business has been doing well and you need an upgrade or business has slowed and you need a new push, this post will guide you to the perfect new redesign. How To Successfully Re-Brand Your Business Figure out […]

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Signs and Banners

How You Can Use Signs & Banners Effectively

Need more exposure for your brand? Sure, you could hire a salesperson or a brand ambassador to go out and tell everyone about your company. But doesn’t that get costly? More employees raises your spending, something that many businesses (of any size) can’t afford. There’s a simple solution to this problem. Signs and banners. Using […]

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Promotional Products

The Best Places to Market Your Business

What are the best places to market a business? TV? Radio? Google? Billboards? There are so many options for all different sizes of budgets. We believe that the best place to market your business is everywhere. Putting a brand in front of as many people as possible, every single day doesn’t have to cost a […]

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Brand Personality

5 Ways to Create a Strong Brand Personality

This is a guest post from our friend Alexandra Hosey from New Era Lending. Your brand is the face of your company–and building a strong brand personality takes time, dedication, and a critical assessment of your mission. Using these 5 tips, you can make sure your brand represents your business and reaches your audience. 1. Ask yourself […]

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Presidential Logos

Presidential Logos Face Off

Every four years, there’s a winner and a loser–well, a lot of losers. What sets the one who is elected President from the rest of the candidates? Their logo. Well, maybe not completely. Here at FreeLogoServices, we love logos and love studying the effect of logos on consumers and–in this case–voters. Of course we know […]

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Business Cards

5 Other Industries That Need a Business Card

Every industry requires its professionals to have business cards. Of course, for many businesses, agents, firms, and other practices, this is pretty obvious. A lot of large businesses have corporate business cards for all of their employees. This is great, but smaller businesses need business cards too. Even if your business isn’t really a “business,” […]

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Which Pen is Right For You?

The world of custom pens is a competitive one. Click versus cap. Clip versus free. Every pen has a different purpose, and each is just as important as the last. Here, we’ve put together a little guide to decide which pen is right for you. Take a look. Large Comfort Grip Pen The mascot. Perfect […]

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The Green Way to Market Your Business

One easy switch can help your business and the environment at the same exact time. Don’t make any sacrifices and switch to using your own branded canvas tote bags instead of plastic ones. Print your logo, business name, phone number, and even your own photo right onto the face of your brand new world-saving marketing […]

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Why Business Cards Still Matter

There’s a lot of debate these days on whether physical business cards have any relevancy. Software companies all over are making millions developing apps to take paper business cards out of commission. And, in fairness, some of these apps are quite cool. But why are we trying to move away from a system that’s worked […]

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The Only Business Card Infographic You Need

There’s a lot that goes into designing your business card. It may not seem like it, but every little detail matters. We set out to make this process as simple as possible. First, we developed an easy-to-use logo maker so you can design a logo for your business card. Then we built a powerful business […]

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