Preparing for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday, November 26, is a can’t-miss marketing and sales opportunity for your business. It was originally started in 2010 by American Express, as a way of encouraging people around the country to shop at small, local businesses between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here is how to prepare for it.

How To Get Ready For Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is approaching quickly so it’s important for you to figure out how your business will celebrate and take advantage of the hype.   

Organize Your Marketing Strategy

Although this day is well-publicized by sites like American Express, you are responsible for how successful this day is for your business.

First, make sure to research if there are any local events that you can participate in. Any event that aligns with your brand is a great way to get additional brand exposure, increase foot traffic to your local store, and even drive people to your website. Use Google to research what events occurred last year. Take note of the marketing strategies that you find appealing. Did businesses use banners, lawn signs, or even free giveaways to increase business? Use whatever you think would work for your business.

On the day of, many small businesses will offer promotions. You can offer a discount or sale, or a free gift (such as a t-shirt or tote bag) with purchase. Hosting an event at your business where you offer free food or drinks and entertainment is a great way to stand out from the competition. Try to think of your business’ target customers and what would attract them to buy from you (and not a big chain store).

restaurant owner outside promoting her business

Promote Your Brand

Once you figure out how you’re going to celebrate, use every means available to you promote your event. This means promoting online by updating your website, posting on social media, and sending email reminders out to your contact list. Also, keep in mind you should be promoting offline too. For small, local businesses, signage (such as banners and lawn signs) is key to promoting an event like this. If you found that your town/city is doing something to promote the day, see if there is a way to be included in that.

Remember, this day was created to help small businesses jump start their sales during the holiday season. Tell other small business owners about the day – let’s make 2016 the largest Small Business Saturday to date.

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