Share Your Journey – 3 Tips for Marketing While on the Road

Tightening that distance between business owner and customer is beneficial to both parties involved. Realizing that you have more in common with your customers than you thought will bring them back into your store or office more often to do business–or just to talk. Let’s take a closer look at how can you get a closer relationship with your customers while you’re away.

If you do head out on the road this year, you need to make it count for your business. Going on a trip and sharing it with your customers is the perfect opportunity to show them you’re not just a business owner, you’re also a person who likes to go out and have a good time. Here are three easy ways you can achieve this on your trip.

Ask your customers for directions and recommendations.

Making your audience a part of your journey is a vital part of making them more valuable customers. If you’re going for a drive, ask for site and stop recommendations on social media and start a dialogue with them. Take a poll of the best restaurant in the city you’re going to or hold a contest for best viewpoints in that part of the country. Engage your audience, interact with them, and make them want to come back and see if you took their advice. That’s good personal marketing.

Take pictures and share them on social media.

Similar to engaging in a dialogue with your customers, you can also take pictures during the trip and share them with your audience. Use popular or custom hashtags to spread the word about your trip. Once again, encourage people to comment on the pictures and share them themselves. Bonus tip: Wear branded apparel to spread your brand around the Internet, from wherever you are.

Keep a blog about your trip.

It’s important to keep your customers updated. The above two tips mentioned that briefly, but here we’ll go into more depth. Make sure you post somewhere either on your website or on your office door that you’re away. Keeping a blog can help keep your customers informed as to your whereabouts. They’ll like reading about your adventures and it will keep you and your business on their mind. Second bonus tip: Keeping a running blog with specific keywords about your business can really help boost your website in the search engine results.

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