The Best Places to Market Your Business

What are the best places to market a business? TV? Radio? Google? Billboards? There are so many options for all different sizes of budgets. We believe that the best place to market your business is everywhere. Putting a brand in front of as many people as possible, every single day doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The more people who are exposed to a business, the more potential customers that business will have–it’s that simple.

Let’s talk about three easy, visible, and affordable places to market a business

Advertise your brand on your body

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Wearable marketing products are among the most effective options for small businesses. Plus, these products are functional for employees, too. Businesses can easily design custom polos and use them as uniforms. Their customers will recognize the professionalism and pride of the team and feel more comfortable doing business with them. Or, businesses use custom t-shirts to advertise their company anywhere.

Wearing a t-shirt with the business’s logo makes that brand visible to every person who sees it. Being in the line of sight of your potential customers keeps a business on top of mind of customers.

Advertise your brand on paper

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It’s easy to forget about marketing a business through stationery products when so much of our social and business interactions are online. In 2015, customers still find it refreshing to receive physical materials from a business. Many businesses set up a “business card swap” with other businesses nearby, where they exchange business cards to hand out to customers in each other’s stores or offices.

Designing the back of a business card to include a special coupon or details about a customer loyalty or referral program your company offers can go a long way. Remember–every piece of paper communication between a business and its customer should have the company’s logo. This includes envelopes, invoices, and any other information you can put on business letterhead. This puts the brand in the hands of its customers.

Advertise your brand online

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There are countless marketing opportunities for a business online, both paid and 100% free. It’s a great way to connect with existing customers and reach out to new ones. Keeping a brand in plain sight of customers in popular online networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or even customer review sites such as Yelp is easy and free. We provide logo files specifically designed for use on social media profile and cover images.

When was the last time you updated the image on your company’s Facebook page? Don’t miss an opportunity to make your brand visible and relevant to your Facebook fans! Any emails sent to customers, partners or potential clients need to have the business logo in the header or the footer. When logos are included in every email, email communications instantly become more professional, credible and memorable.

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