The Best Way to Gain More Local Customers

Most small businesses rely on local patrons to keep their business going. If your products or services are primarily offered offline, it’s important to constantly reach out to the residents of your community. A great way to do this is to get involved with local events. You can attend local markets and fairs, and set up booths to hand out samples, giveaways, or tell people about your business. Make sure that everyone you meet at these events gets something tangible with your information on it; this can be a business card, pen, magnet, or any promotional product.

Here are some ideas of local events to look for:

Outdoor markets: If your product or service is food based or portable enough, this is a great way to get the word out. You can offer samples and sell your products. For an added benefit, try teaming up with a business that compliments yours.

Fairs & festivals: Many communities will put on fairs and festivals, along with other outdoor events such as free concerts. If this is your target market, there’s a lot of opportunity to get qualified exposure with these types of events – you can become a sponsor, set up a booth, hand out freebies, or just get out there and mingle with the locals.

Road races: If there are any local 5ks or other race events, there’s likely opportunity for local sponsors. It depends on the event, but becoming a sponsor usually means getting your logo on a lot of their promotional materials.

Local sports teams: Sponsoring a local sports team is a great way to build credibility with the community. People tend to trust businesses that go out of their way to support local teams, so this will build credibility for your business, especially when you first start out. Every game, practice, and appearance by the team will be added exposure – the initial investment will pay off quickly.

Remember, local events are a great way to show your community that you care (while also promoting your business).

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