Updating Your Logo Design: What Elements Should You Change?

You know that your logo design is in desperate need of an update.

But you also know that updating to a more modern logo could cost you some of your brand recognition — and potentially even business.

The truth is that it can feel almost impossible to create a logo that resonates with today’s market without alienating your long-term customers.

You also worry about how you’ll manage to create a design that’s in step with current design trends, but not so reliant on trends that it looks dated in a year.

Don’t worry. We promise it’s not as difficult as you fear.

When you’re ready to usher your logo design into the new era, keep this post handy to do it the right way.

1. Stay Within the Same Color Family

Colors are much more than just a part of your overall branding strategy and a central focus of your entire logo design.

They can also evoke specific emotions within your target market. For example, since green is associated with nature, it’s often used in locals for organic foods, nutritional supplements, and outdoor supply companies.

To preserve both your brand recognition and the emotions that people now associate your company with, consider how you can work within the same color family as your current logo.

For example, perhaps you want a slightly darker shade of blue than you currently have. Maybe you’d only like to change up one of your shades, and keep the other two. Perhaps you’d like to add in a single color, without removing any of the ones you used to use.

This will help to maintain a sense of consistency and is more of a refinement than a major change.

2. Have a Clear Reason for Updating the Logo

One of the most important logo design tips you need to keep in mind when you’re changing your current option?

The reason for upgrading your classic logo.

You shouldn’t upgrade your logo in an attempt to “keep up with the times” or to “keep your market guessing.” The reasons need to be concrete.

Perhaps you switched your product focus. Maybe you merged with another company. Perhaps you’re even reinventing your brand after a bit of a public relations crisis.

A logo isn’t something you should change often. When you do make the change, there better be a very compelling reason for doing so.

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3. Define the Most Recognizable Aspect of Your Logo

When you’re ready to make a change, you need to first define the most recognizable part of your design — the thing that you shouldn’t change.

You probably can’t imagine Nike without their trademark swoosh. A Google letter that didn’t feature green, blue, yellow, and red would be unthinkable. If the band Metallica decided to get rid of their trademark lightning bolt lettering, how would you know what you were listening to?

4. Upgrade the Font

An effective change that companies like Zara have found success with when updating their logos?

Change little else about the design except for the font.

For example, Zara kept its bold black-and-white color scheme and all capital letters. They just opted for a longer font where the letters are closer together — and even this tiny change generated a ton of press for the clothing company.

When you change just one aspect of your logo design, like the font, you’re not putting the brand you’ve worked so hard to build at risk. You’re just bringing it into the future.

You need to realize which part of your logo — whether that’s the font, color, or central image — deserves to stay. Then, ensure that any new elements you add don’t overshadow the most important aspect of your design.

This is a great way to ensure that, when the new design is revealed, everyone still knows it represents your company.

5. Don’t Settle for Your First Design

The final thing you need to keep in mind when designing a logo that’ a bit more of the era?

Never settle for your first choice (unless you’ve looked at tons of other options and still like that one the best, of course.)

You should try tweaking all of the aspects we mentioned above in this post, and see which changes have the greatest impact on your overall design.

For example, does it look better if you change the color scheme, or if you try out a new font?

You can even start generating buzz about the redesign and involve your target market in the process. Show them a few of your favorite possible designs. Then, create a poll and let them vote on the option they like the most.

Follow These Guidelines When Updating Your Logo Design

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand the right way to update your logo design.

Remember that there needs to be a clear reason for your change. Remember that it’s always better to save the elements you can and tweak them.

If you do need to make more drastic changes, make sure your customer base and your target market as a whole are aware of these changes.

Send out email campaigns and social media posts. Update all of your printed and digital marketing materials. Spread the word about your new design.

Want to draw up a few sample designs of your own when it comes to a new logo? Interested in taking your branding to the next level by hiring a professional logo designer?

Keep checking back with us to stay in the know.

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