Why Business Cards Still Matter for New Businesses in 2024

You might think that business cards are obsolete in our modern world. But that’s simply not the case.

In fact, the majority of business owners agree that business cards are essential. Plus, for every 2000 business cards that get handed out, sales increase by 2.5%.

But it’s not just about direct sales. When you’re interacting with a potential client, business cards act as your first port of credibility. 

Let’s explore exactly why business cards are so important in 2024 and how you can make yours stand out.


Why Are Business Cards More Important Than Ever? (7 Reasons)

Business cards not only act as a physical reminder of who you are and what you offer. They’re also a chance to connect with customers so they can make the next step in connecting with you.

Here are some of the main reasons you still need business cards despite the drive toward digital networking.

1. Business Cards Serve as a Palpable Reminder

Business cards don’t just serve as a place to put your contact details. They’re a handy physical reminder of who you are and what your business offers. 

When people receive professional business cards, they pop them in their pockets or wallets for safekeeping. At a later point, when they’re fishing around for their keys or clearing out their bags, they’ll find your business card and immediately remember your interaction.

Equally, if there comes a time later when they need your services, they won’t have to scroll through their contact list to try to remember your details. They’ll head straight to the business card they tucked away. 

Pro tip: Bearing this in mind, be cautious about business card sizes. While you might not opt for standard business cards in terms of size, don’t pick something that’s too big to keep in a wallet.

Pro tip 2: FreeLogoServices can assist you in creating business card designs with a special finish that really captures people’s attention. Simply jump on our website to start designing!

2. Boost Professional Reputation

A professional-looking and eye-catching business card says: “I came prepared to make connections.” 

Custom business cards do wonders for your credibility as they show you’re forward-thinking and reliable in your approach to business. They also add an extra touch of legitimacy and seriousness to your working relationships. 

They demonstrate attention to detail and a willingness to reach out and connect with new customers. which can be reflected in positive NPS score ranges (typically between -100 and 100). 

Strong customer focus often leads to promoters enthusiastically recommending a company, boosting its NPS score. 

Remember, though, people see the build quality of your cards as a direct reflection of your quality of work.

While your cards don’t need to be extra fancy, 72% of people will judge you on your business card design. 

In fact, 39% of people will refuse to do business with a company that uses cheap business cards. 

Take the simpler route and utilize FreeLogoServices business card maker to access premium materials that will help you build that professional reputation.

3. Encourage Further Exploration

A well-crafted business card can offer more than simple contact info. It’s a gateway to your professional portfolio. 

Take the opportunity to add details that lead potential connections toward your work. 

Add a QR code, web link, social handle, or LinkedIn profile so potential customers can find out more about you. Just like you can learn more about FreeLogoServices and how you can create the perfect logo for your business or design the most eye-catching business card to capture people’s interest in your business!

This gives you the chance to lead prospects to examples of your work, customer testimonials, or other social proof that demonstrates your legitimacy and success at solving their problems.

Professional Business Card Template from Etsy.

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For example, if you’re a photographer or graphic designer, you could include a QR code that leads directly to your creative portfolio or an online gallery of your work. 

4. Stimulate Offline Networking

Digital connections are indeed paramount for businesses, especially those that operate online.

However, not everyone works online all the time.

Business cards are a solid way to remind people of your real-world presence and reach non-internet-based clients. 

For instance, if you offer local trade services that target older customers, they might not be very tech-savvy. They may not even have an internet connection, although that’s far less likely these days.

By offering business cards to offline customers, you corner the market that online-only companies can’t reach.

5. Trigger Follow-Up Actions

Your business cards can actively facilitate follow-up actions. 

They offer a way to personalize your interaction so that potential customers remember why they’re supposed to connect with you.

For example, you might print business cards on uncoated paper so you have a writable surface where you can jot down notes, schedule follow-up times, or explain exactly what it is you can help them with. 

Image Credits: FreeLogoServices.

This turns your card into a practical reminder of why they should contact you and how you can help them.

If you’re handing out shop business cards, you could even turn them into a loyalty card. 

By opting for double-sided printing, you could add your shop’s details on one side, with space for loyalty stamps on the back. 

This encourages the recipient to visit your establishment to benefit from your loyalty offer.

6. Boost Referral Potential

Use your business cards as referral opportunities. 

Whether you’re a landscape gardener or a graphic designer, handing out referral cards to satisfied clients gives them a way to pass your details along to others. 

Remember, 88% of people trust word-of-mouth referrals above all other forms of advertising. Business cards offer you the chance to capitalize on this.

7. Net Immediate Bookings

Business cards aren’t just for giving out contact details. They can serve as appointment cards, acting as a direct tool for securing bookings on the spot.

By leaving space to add an appointment time or by including a QR code to your online booking system, you can encourage potential clients to reserve your services right away.

Medical business card.

This approach works especially well for therapists, consultants, and other one-to-one service providers who benefit from streamlined booking processes. 

How to Use FreeLogoServices for Your Business Card Needs

When looking to create a business card from scratch, FreeLogoServices offers plenty of business card categories to choose from as a starting point. 

FreeLogoServices business card creator categories.

The second step would be to choose a design based on the results of the next page. 

FreeLogoServices business card creator categories.

Next, all you need to do is log in and order your business cards for your business!

7 Clever Tricks to Create a Memorable Business Card Online

Despite the transition into digital connections, business cards are still a crucial tool for networking and branding.

But it’s not just the luxurious finish and vibrant colors. For your business cards to stand out, you need to think creatively.

Here are seven ingenious ways to create ultra business cards that leave a lasting impression.

1. Add a QR Code

A QR code on your card directs people to take further action – to your website, online booking system, or portfolio, for example.

It’s a modern twist that turns your card into a convenient and interactive tool to help potential customers learn more about you while bridging the gap between the physical and the digital.

2. Offer a Digital Option

Complement your physical business cards with a digital version that lets recipients download them to their smartphones.

This is a practical way to make sure the recipient has your details, even if they lose your card. Plus, it’s also eco-friendly.

Tools like FreeLogoServices make it easy for you to create digital business cards to compliment your tangible ones, helping you build your brand and maintain brand consistency across platforms.

3. Leave Space for Personalization

While it’s tempting to jump straight for a luxurious glossy coating, an uncoated finish makes it easy for you to write on the card to add a personal touch.

It also makes it easier for the recipient to remember your interaction as they have a personalized reminder of your conversation. By leaving a blank space, you can write down future meeting dates, a specific service, or a relevant note from your discussion.

4. Theme it to Your Brand

Your business card is a marketing tool, so it should reflect your brand’s identity. 

On a basic level, use the color scheme associated with your branding to create coherency between your marketing materials. 

To take it one step further, consider the creative design elements you could include to double down on thematic branding.

For example, you could opt for a special shape that reflects your company’s services. For instance, a real estate company might ditch the traditional landscape card layout in favor of a card shaped like a house key. 

Key-like business card.
Image Credits: FreeLogoServices.

5. Include an Offer on the Card

Convince customers to pick you (over the competition) by turning your business card into a tool for promotion. Include a special offer, discount, free consultation, or exclusive access on the card so cardholders feel incentivized to keep hold of it.

For example, a travel agent might offer 15% off tours of the Beaches of Normandy. Vacationers headed to France are likely to keep hold of the card and pick that agent over a competitor because they get something in return for choosing the brand. 

6. Customize Business Cards for Specific Events

Don’t just stick to one card. Tailor your cards for different events or client types.

Include specific information or complete design styles to resonate with each particular audience.

Not only does this show foresight, but it also shows you’re prepared and relevant to each specific scenario your company encounters.

For example, if you offer financial advice and you’re heading to a cryptocurrency conference, you might alter the information to highlight your crypto-investing services. 

7. Play with Texture, Weight, and Business Card Dimensions

Don’t just go for an average card. It’s forgettable.

Create premium business cards using mockup designs with features that reflect the uniqueness and quality of your company’s work. Not only does this enhance your professionalism. It also helps you stand out.

For example, consider paper thickness. 72% of people believe that a quick glance at a business card can effectively showcase someone’s business quality and professionalism.

Also, consider the shape and layout of your card. While horizontal business card shapes are the standard, vertical business card layouts set you apart from others. This makes you a little more memorable.

You could also opt for round corners instead of square edges – or design a square card for a sleek, minimalist finish.

And you don’t just have to stick with the bog-standard white paper stock. Consider using a different material.

Premium business card design.

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For instance, a sustainable brand might use brown paper made from natural fibers. And a designer might create foil business cards to represent the touch of elegance in their work.

Varying the feel, shape, and weight of your cards is a quick and easy way to distinguish yourself. (But be prepared for the extra cost.)

Create Unforgettable Business Cards for Free

Business cards aren’t phased out. Long live the business card.

In fact, they’re a great palpable reminder where you can personalize your interaction, offer potential customers incentives, and invite them to take further action.

But where do you start?

Whether you’re looking for pre-made templates or customizable templates, FreeLogoServices offers a free business card maker that helps you put your ideas into action. Build your business cards now by checking out FreeLogoServices business card maker and boost your online presence in minutes!

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