Dynamic Logos: When and How to Use Them

People in the business world know better than anyone that a great logo is essential for building a company’s brand identity. However, dynamic logos can afford business owners even more opportunity.

These eye-catching dynamic logos allow business owners the chance to explore different variations in color, presentation, and shape while retaining the visual cues that consumers regularly associate with their brand.

So, how does a dynamic logo work best for your business brand identity? Read on to learn more.

What is a Logo?

Before we dig deeper into the possibilities presented by dynamic logos, let us first define what a logo is. A logo is a distinctive design or symbol that uniquely identifies a business’ brand. A logo is a powerful tool to create cues for the public. In some cases, this illustrated branding can even be considered more valuable than the firm’s physical assets.

What separates a great logo from an ordinary one is its power to capture consumer attention. It should be unique, leave a long-lasting impression, and give the consumer a good idea of what they can expect from your company.

Logos are said to be iconic if they’re designed well enough to withstand the test of time. An exemplary logo instantly and consistently works as a powerful tool in identifying a brand, making it stand out among its competitors. Most importantly, it helps in lead generation as it drives customers’ interests.

Characteristics Your Logo Must Posses

There are five main questions to ask in order to create the perfect dynamic logo for your brand. Is it simple? Is it scalable? Is it memorable or impactful? Is it versatile enough to be used across many markets? Is the imagery relevant and fresh?

Logos are meant to be recognized at first glance so it is important to make it as simple as possible. A great logo should be able to scale down or up without affecting its appearance. Your company logo should always leave a good and lasting impression on your audience thus it needs to be versatile and relevant.

So What is a Dynamic Logo?

Some of the most popular company dynamic logos that we see in everyday life include Google, Nickelodeon, and Coca-Cola. These brands have the freedom to change some elements of their logos from time to time while remaining true to the most recognizable aspects of their logo. These huge companies love using dynamic logos because of their versatile nature.

With a dynamic logo, your team of graphic designers can showcase their creativity and keep your brand feeling fresh while staying true to your business identity.

Each dynamic logo is customized to fit its new environment. With its variant colors, sizes, and shapes, dynamic logos easily grab people’s attention. This can cause your brand to stand out and become more memorable to the consumer.

Dynamic logos are adaptable in the sense that they can be changed depending on the context in which the logo will be placed. These logos are living and breathing concepts and are meant to be transformed.

This could include changing the orientation of a logo or the entire logo design. It is imperative that some basic elements of the logo always remain consistent, regardless of the changes you adopt for the logo.

Dynamic logos are used for marketing purposes and your original and first company logo will still serve as the blueprint for your dynamic logo.

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How Can You Get Dynamic Logos for Your Business?

If graphic design isn’t your strong suit, you can still take advantage of dynamic logos through your professional logo designing team. Unlike the static logo, a dynamic logo provides an avenue for collaboration and camaraderie among your employees. So don’t be afraid to solicit their input.

You can apply whatever context you have in your mind to your dynamic logo design Further, your dynamic logo signifies the versatility and strength of your business.

Providing your audience with varying versions of your logo gives them a significant impression that your business is always ready to adapt to change.

Dynamic logos play a very significant role in the way your brand is perceived by your customers as well. It serves as the hook when you need to gather more customers for your brand.

Your brand exposure makes your audience crave more contact with your brand. Google is perhaps the strongest example of a large scale company currently taking advantage of the dynamic logo concept.

Google is famous for creating and releasing dynamic logos on the front page of Google.com. The choose to change these logos to reflect changes in seasons, holidays, and national events.

Google has successfully established its dynamic logo scheduling, thus their audience learned to anticipate the new release of each dynamic logo. Whenever something interesting historic happens in the world, you will notice that the dynamic Google logo changes along with the times.

What Should You Change about Your Logo?

There are several dynamic elements that you can change for your company’s new logo. If you’re wondering what can be changed about your company’s logo and how it can be made more dynamic, the answer is very simple. Anything that you change can catch your audience’s attention.

Consider color adjustments that can be made, animation that could be integrated, or even how to create seasonal logos that help you connect with customers around some of the most important gift buying seasons of the year.

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