FreeLogoServices Celebrates One Million Customers Served

This week, FreeLogoServices hit a major business milestone of one million customers.

Since the beginning, FreeLogoServices has always put customers first when it comes to providing top-notch products and services. The online logo maker company strives to help business owners improve their online and offline branding by offering logo design, promotional products, website development, and other marketing services. The goal is to ensure that customers have everything they need from a marketing standpoint to put their business on the map, stand out against competitors, and improve their audience reach.

An Experience Unlike Any Other

This business milestone was achieved in part by believing that the business marketing process should be simple, affordable, and — most importantly — fun for business owners. The tools FreeLogoServices provides for customers are easy to use, making it possible to build a brand in a matter of minutes. From logos and websites to business cards and promotional products, FreeLogoServices differs from competitors thanks to their one-stop-shop concept.

“We enable businesses around the world to create and purchase custom marketing products and online services through our websites,, and,” said Phil McMannis, Executive Director of Digital Design Services at FreeLogoServices. “From business cards, websites, domains, pens, t-shirts, and more, we give you the tools you need to engage with customers online and offline.”

Assisting Business Owners Around the World

Behind the beautiful and user-friendly interface, the logo design company’s platform runs on a robust, machine-learning algorithm that shows customers relevant logo designs and promotional products that would work best for their business. is available in ten different languages and currencies to cater to a global audience — because every business owner deserves to have a great logo and marketing products.

Surpassing one million customers was also due to the company’s streamlined production and manufacturing capabilities. FreeLogoServices relies on manufacturing facilities and product vendors from across the world to make ordering and shipping more efficient, which ultimately leads to lower costs for the consumer.

“Our high-quality custom logos have appeared in over 150 countries throughout the world,” said McMannis. “We are the number one provider of logo design services and branded marketing items and this business milestone is a testament to our ability to deliver the best products and services in the industry.”

FreeLogoServices is a self-service marketing and branding platform serving more than one million customers in 120 countries. FreeLogoServices believes that making a logo, business card or custom marketing product like a pen, polo, or sign should not only be easy, it should be fun. They give users the tools to brand their business during these crucial points of connection with customers, partners, and the world.

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