Non-Traditional Offices: Marketing Your Mobile Business

While many people associate running a business by working out of a single location, many businesses nowadays are mobile. Whether you’re a consultant or realtor without an office, or you run a business out of a truck (such as a food truck), you have to get creative when marketing your business. The first step is to create a unique logo that your customers will immediately recognize. Here are our top 3 ways to  market your mobile business:

Promote your business with custom marketing materials

Utilize your logo and put it on a variety of promotional products. Business cards, magnets, and promotional products can serve as useful reminders about your business, and you can list all of your contact information. You can also use folders to hold all of your important documents. Put your logo on t-shirts or polos to make uniforms for you and your employees.

Utilize the limited space available to you for marketing

Your car or truck is a great space to use to market yourself. Put your logo on waterproof banners and window decals to use your vehicle as a moving billboard for your business. If you can afford it, custom packaging is also a great way to market yourself. For example, if you have a food truck, try putting your logo on your cups or bags.

Update social media daily

If you have a business that’s constantly on the move, the best way for your customers to know where to find you is to update your social media accounts. You can reach a large audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and use this to advertise daily specials with photos.

Pro Tip: Use your social media accounts to interact with your customers. Give them a clue about where your truck or stand is located, and give a discount to anyone that visits your stand and shares it on social media.

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