graphic designer resizing a logo

What Size Should a Logo Be? Standard Logo Sizes for Websites, Social Media & More

Your business’s logo has a huge impact on the way your brand is perceived. Not only is your logo a major identifier of your business, but it can make you seem more or less professional and influence the success of your business for years…or at least until you finally go for that redesign. Today, creating […]

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A logo designer's computer workstation.

What Is a Vector Image and Why You Need One for Your Next Design Project

You’ve been working hard gathering inspiration and other materials for your next design project, so don’t let a blunder like choosing the wrong file format or tool stop you in your tracks before you’ve even started. When it comes to design, file types matter, and the right one can mean the difference between a logo […]

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How to create a gradient logo

How to Make a Gradient Logo Design

Colors have a unique way of attracting everyone’s attention. In the offset of the 20th century when computers had started controlling how a man works, the web designers of this time used to expand their color scheme by adding unique elements into their website. In the 21st century, web designers now use gradients to create bold statements. […]

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abstract logo with transparent background

How to Make a Logo Transparent (Without Photoshop)

There are a variety of ways you can bring your brand to life and make the greatest visual impact. Whether you’re crafting marketing collateral, designing your storefront, or simply creating custom business cards, your logo will be used in a number of ways. To help ensure your logo looks clean and professional regardless of where […]

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Display of color swatches to help develop a color palette

Best Online Color Palette Generators

The color palette you choose for your logo design sets the tone for your entire brand identity. Depending on what industry you’re in, you might want to convey power and dependability. Or, you might want to appear playful and inviting, even from miles down the road. Whatever your message is, the color palette of your […]

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Color combinations and tones in geometric patterns

Best Logo Color Combinations By Industry

Creating a logo is equal parts design expertise and understanding human psychology. A logo makes a powerful first impression and creates a bond with your customers from the first time they see it. Some people even go so far as to tattoo their favorite logos on their body! To get that kind of loyalty, your […]

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logo shapes background

The Meaning Behind Shapes in Logo Design

Just as colors invoke certain feelings in the customer and are connected to different meanings, so too are shapes. A shape is the outline of an area or figure; it’s a geometric figure that can be recognized on a global scale. Shapes can be as complex as dodecagons and as simple as triangles. When it […]

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Brand Business Concept With Colorful Wooden Blocks

What Your Logo Style Says About Your Brand

Branding your business is an important aspect when it comes to trying to attract customers. Your brand image is the first thing customers interact with, so it’s essential to put some thought into branding aspects such as your business name, logo design, and slogan or tagline. The most important part about branding your business is […]

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pencil eraser

Trimming the Fat: What You Can Afford to Remove From Your Logo

It’s all about minimalist logo designs these days, but creating a minimalist logo is harder than it looks. While we gawk and stare at sleek and modern technology logos, it’s important to understand that their logo design process most likely took a team of designers, countless hours, and thousands (or millions) of dollars to get […]

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Brand concept on blackboard

Don’t Forget the Logo: 10 Benefits of Having a Business Logo

Does your company have a logo? A business logo is one of the core aspects of promoting your company as it gives you something to build your brand around. We process images 60,000 times faster than words, so having a logo really makes your marketing easier. Still not convinced? Read on for ten benefits of having a […]

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