How to Make a Website from Scratch: What You Need to Know

Whether you’ve just started a new business venture or have been in operation for several years, you need a website. Those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy may think that building a website from scratch requires an extensive knowledge of coding. But the fact is, just about anyone can build a website thanks to the many tools […]

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6 Fundamental Marketing Channels to Grow Your Business

Take a look at any business that’s had a lot of success, and you’ll notice that they all place a great deal of focus on one specific thing—marketing. A company may have crafted one of the finest products or services available today, but if no one knows about it, the likelihood of it taking off […]

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What Makes a Good Website? These 4 Crucial Design Elements

20 years ago, just having a website was often considered enough to set a business apart from the competition. Fast-forward to 2017, and not having a website means few people will take your business seriously. It’s no longer good enough to just have a bare-bones site for your customers to visit—it has to speak for […]

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How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Business

Imagine how many customers you would lose if you had a strange business address. Let’s say the words are hard to spell. The format doesn’t make sense. And there’s random numbers and symbols in weird places. Few people would waste time trying to find your location. In fact, they’d move on to the next business […]

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How to Make a Business Website in 5 Easy Steps

In 2015, more than a third of total retail sales growth in the United States came from online sales. In fact, U.S. e-commerce grew 14.6 percent that year and has continued to flourish. In this digital age, no modern business should lack a functional, attractive website. When your business is starting out, a web presence is […]

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Promote Your Business With These 6 Effective Social Media Trends

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. One of those hats is that of a marketing professional. To be an effective marketer, social media ought to be part of your marketing strategy. Find out how to grow your social media presence and promote your business with these six social media trends. 1. The continued popularity […]

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Social Media Goals for the New Year

Social Media Goals for the New Year

Laptops, tablets, smartphones, iPods, gaming consoles, TVs, and wearable tech— all of these devices come with the ability to connect to the internet. In fact, over half of all United States residents have an online presence or go online regularly. Many of these users glean a substantial portion of their news and information from online […]

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Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Success

Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the art of improving your website’s ranking on search engines. Ranking high in the results on search engines like Google is hugely important for your business. Around a third of all clicks on Google’s organic (i.e., not sponsored) results go to the top result. Around two thirds go to […]

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Which Social Network Should You Use to Market Your Business

Which Social Network Should You Use to Market Your Business?

As a business owner, you can’t afford to neglect social media. Social networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are, for a growing number of people, the primary point of contact with the businesses that they use. As a small business owner, though, your time and resources are limited. While large companies can employ dedicated […]

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how to market your business on facebook

How To Market Your Small Business On Facebook

If used effectively, Facebook can be one of the most powerful marketing tools for your small business with very little financial investment, if any. In this article, we’ll share some simple ways to turn your business page into a customer-engaging, sales-boosting machine. Optimize Your Page There is no excuse for having a Facebook page with […]

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