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9 Mother’s Day Promotions to Use on Other Holidays

Mother’s Day brings out droves of sentimental shoppers looking for thoughtful ways to show appreciation. The National Retail Federation expects 86 percent of Americans to celebrate in 2018, shelling out an average of $180 per person. Total spending is projected to reach $23.1 billion. But, what about other holidays? Start preparing your promotions early because there’s […]

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Effective Online Marketing Techniques

How to Promote Your Business Online

The motto “build it, and they will come” isn’t a good outlook for a business owner. An endless line of customers won’t magically show up, even if you have a first-rate product. It takes proactive marketing to get (and keep) people interested in your business.  A better motto is “build trust, and they will come.” […]

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9 Easy Tips to Boost Local Business Online Marketing

The heyday of storefront advertising is long gone. It’s not enough to hang signs in your window and hope customers wander by and see them. You may think being local means you don’t have to delve into the online arena. Your customers are right in your community, so there’s no reason to waste time with […]

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St. Patrick's Day

12 Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Promotion Ideas for Local Businesses

Hoping you can channel some good luck to boost St. Patrick’s Day sales this year? Holidays are a perfect time to ride the wave of merrymaking and attract more business. With hordes of people looking for fun ways to celebrate, you have ripe moments to grab attention. St. Patrick’s Day will be over before you […]

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What Kind of Website Should I Make? 8 Options to Consider

Running out of reasons not to build a website? Are you constantly putting it off and wondering, “What kind of website should I make?” Planting your flag online is the best way to steer more traffic to your business. Most people go online to research businesses before they decide where to shop. Without a presence, […]

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How to Set Up an Instagram Account for Your Business

Visuals are the main ingredient of a strong social media campaign, and Instagram is proof. As of September 2017, 800 million monthly visitors use Instagram to view and share photos, twice the amount in 2015. Online audiences are used to having ads and content thrown at them from every direction. A busy social media feed […]

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How to Add a Logo to Your Email Signature

Mascots aren’t meant to hide out under the bleachers, and neither should your logo. A logo is your brand emblem, and it should have a prominent spot on all your business communications. The more you use your logo, the more you create a consistent image your clients will remember. With that said, emails are the […]

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12 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas to Try

No one can blame you for getting behind on Valentine’s Day promotions. Most people are still clearing away Christmas decorations and comparing New Year’s resolutions when February rolls around. The next thing you know, everyone is scrambling for ways to impress a sweetheart. In a 2018 survey, 32 percent of consumers said they wait […]

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12 Tactics to Amp Up Your Local Marketing Strategy in 2018

The beginning of a new year is a time to audit your small business efforts and regroup. So, you didn’t get that blog started like you planned? Now’s the time to follow through on resolutions to grow your small business. Making your mark doesn’t have to consume all your time or budget. With a smart […]

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8 Easy Ways to Get More Views on Facebook

These days, figuring out how to get more views on Facebook is a bit like playing musical chairs. Everybody’s doing it, so it can be hard to tell who’s really succeeding or just getting lucky. You can obsess over the perfect strategy to win coveted spots on user news feeds. But at key moments, your […]

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