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How to make your website look festive for the holidays

The holiday season is here and whatever website you visit these days, they all seem to have figured out the holiday-themed design. They have beautiful images of snowflakes and wrapped packages; bright reds, golds, and greens peppered throughout their site, and catchy calls to action that go along with the spirit of the season. You’ve […]

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What to Include in Your Website Footer

When building a website for your business, there are a few crucial areas you will need to focus your attention on when you’re doing the design work: the header, the body, and the footer. The header of your website is included above the fold (everything that loads before a user has to scroll down the […]

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Custom Logo Design: How to Stand Out in Your Industry

The Nike logo was created in 1971 by Portland State University student Carolyn Davidson. The original Google logo was created by Sergei Brin, one of the search engine’s co-founders. And the famous Air Jordan logo? Shoe designer Tinker Hatfield created that. Three famous logos. Three logo designs created by non-professional (at least at the time) […]

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Where to Use Your Business Logo on a Website

One of the first places business owners will display their newly designed company logo is on their website — and why not? Websites are an essential piece of the marketing puzzle. Customers doing online research on a brand are likely to head to the website first. Since a company website is the first interaction with a […]

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How Do I Add A Logo To Facebook?

So you have your finished logo and you’re ready to promote it both online and offline. One of the best ways to promote your brand’s logo is on social media channels.   Having a social media channel is one of the most cost-effective and easy ways to reach your target audience. However, if you don’t […]

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Customer Retention Strategy: How to Win Repeat Business

Getting repeat business from new customers is beneficial to everyone involved. Customers are able to enjoy friendly, reliable service from a familiar business. You earn a reputation for pleasing your customers and steady profit that requires a much smaller investment than a first-time sale. Consumers place a high value on a great shopping experience, and […]

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You Have a Business Logo, Now What? 7 Ways to Get Customers

Every small business owner dreams of inventing a perfect marketing plan that can attract new customers like a magnet. But customer acquisition isn’t a one-time hurdle you can check off your to-do list. It takes patience, flexibility, and nonstop research to find creative ways to reach new audiences. Creating a focused brand strategy is the […]

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Business Card Design Tips: How to Design a Logo for Your Business Cards

Even with our lives going digital, business cards are still a viable way to exchange information. They are small, handy, inexpensive to make and you can still use them when there s no internet connection. With cards being an inexpensive tool for networking, it means you can get as creative as you like. Business cards […]

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5 Tips to Choosing a Great Domain Name

What’s in a name? Plenty, if you’re talking about a domain name for your business. Think of your domain name like you think of your home address. It’s how people can find you in the big neighborhood known as the internet and, if it’s not chosen with the proper thought and consideration, it can have […]

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How to Show Brand Authenticity via Social Media

Social media is tearing down the wall between back-end business management and front-end service. In this age of transparency, the choices you make to develop a product are just as important as how you treat customers. Consumers want to engage with honest, genuine brands that aren’t afraid to be human. They don’t want sales-driven ads […]

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