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Creating a Catering Logo with Impact

If you run a catering business, branding is probably the last thing on your mind. You are busy meeting with clients, setting up and catering events, and creating works of art with food. Catering is still a business, however, and if you have not branded your company effectively with a great logo, you are missing opportunities for greater marketing effectivenessOpens a new window.

An eye-catching logo is the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts. Understanding the fundamental elements of logo designOpens a new window is key to creating one that helps your business stand out and attract new customers.

Here are some basic concepts to keep in mind when designing your catering logo:

1. Your Logo Should Represent Your Uniqueness

Apart from design basics, your logo should impart what makes your brand special. Do you specialize in organic cuisine? Or vegan fine dining? Perhaps you have the best-catered BBQ this side of the Mississippi. Whatever your “niche” is, define it clearly in your design to speak your brand truth to your customers. Marry your tagline and catering specialty with a themed logo. For example: French Bistro fare and baked goods could have a French flag and a baguette, high-end wedding cakes could feature a beautiful cake with flowers, or “fusion” food mixing Pan-Asian and American cuisine could mix Japanese characters with symbols of traditional American fare.

Catering Logo

2. Keep Color Schemes Simple

Colors have a language all their own. People do not like being assaulted visually, so natural looking color schemesOpens a new window are the order of the day. If possible, avoid neon and overly bright primary colors that convey chaos. Think greens, blues, earth tones, even yellow and reds, but realistic hues of these that are common in nature (and food) and found in different seasons, such as spring and fall. Soothing neutral hues allow people to take notice more of the logo design and tagline than the color itself. Blue and beige relay a beachy feel, green shades say “organic”, and reds and browns connote a rustic tone. Whatever colors you choose, think about the visual impression they will make on your potential customers.

Catering Logo

3. Common Images Found in Catering Logos

There are many symbols that are native to a catering brand, among them are: knife and fork, chef’s hat, waiter with tray, cooking pot, or plate. These symbols might work, but they tend to be overdone. You can look more to the type of cuisine you specialize in for inspiration, rather than generic icons of the industry. If you are a daring, modern caterer with edgy cuisine that blends cultures and flavors from around the world, you could think about a globe logoOpens a new window. Perhaps a simple flag or banner representing a country cuisine of origin would do well. You could use a sprig of rosemary, a ripe tomato, or leafy greens to represent a vegetarian caterer. Alternatively, you could focus more on your business name and use of color rather than a symbol, to keep it simple and clean.

Catering Logo

4. Taglines in Your Logo

While not every logo has a tagline, more and more businesses are choosing to incorporate them. Taglines tell your brand story succinctly. As such, they should describe something entirely unique to your business. What sets your catering business apart? Why should a bride planning her wedding call your business over your competition? Here are some pithy taglines to illustrate the point:

  • Catering to You (implies close attention given to personal service and client satisfaction)
  • Tasteful Vegetarian Cuisine (suggests vegetarian food that is delicious, not bland and boring)
  • Cost-Conscious Catering (to attract customers on a budget)

As you can see, by focusing on what differentiates your business, a catchy taglineOpens a new window will enhance your logo and clarify what people can expect when hiring you.

Catering Logo

5. Fonts that Complement Your Design

Your design should dictate what kind of font is appropriate to round out you logo. Designs that are more abstract call for more daring fonts, while simple, Zen-like looks should team with simpler, cleaner ones. A caterer specializing in couture wedding cakes might use a script type font, while a Southern-style caterer might opt for antique lettering. Make sure the font is easy to decipher and will translate well on any marketing medium, whether that be your website, social media, or printed materials.Great logo design elements should work together to give highlight your brand’s unique qualities.

Catering Logo