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Custom Classic Business Cards

Tips for Designing Professional Business Cards

Classic Business Cards
Classic Business Cards
Classic Business Cards

Custom classic business cards are your go-to cards for any industry. Design business cards to promote your brand, network yourself, and market your company. Our business card design tool is easy to use and only takes minutes. Choose any of our custom classic business card templates and personalize it until it’s perfect for you. Choose your own colors, font, images, text, layout, and positioning to make it your own.

Every professional needs a custom business card. Business cards are the easiest way to make sure a potential client has your name and number. Most people who receive business cards keep them either at their desk for months or put them into their contacts within the same day. If you make a good impression on a potential client, they will remember your name and face when they are in need of your services, and have your number for quick reference. You can't afford to not have a new, professional business cardOpens a new window.

Tips for Designing Professional Business Cards

1. Keep it professional.

Your business card is the face of your brand when you're not around. Your card needs to make a lasting impression on the receiver. Cards with too many colors or images come off as immature and lazy. A good business card is simple, professional, and only includes what is necessary.

2. Be brand consistent.

If you have a logoOpens a new window, put it on your card. Keep your fonts and colors consistent across all of your marketing materials. This means that your business cards, letterheadOpens a new window, and all other printed products should have the same layout and logo. Whenever possible your logo should be included on all business stationeryOpens a new window and promotional products such as t-shirtsOpens a new window, mugsOpens a new window, or stress balls. This will keep your image professional and will create brand consistency.

3. Make it personal.

Your business card represents who you are as a unique person and business. Include images or phrases that make your card your own. Add a little bit of flair if it fits your personality. Experiment with vibrant colors and interesting fonts. Just because it’s a classic business card doesn’t mean it has to be boring. We made the process super quick and easy, so try out a few different options until your card is perfect.

When you're ready design your new business cards, head over to our design tool to get started!

Classic Business Cards