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Create a Free Construction Business Card Design

Thousands of construction design templates

Construction Business Cards
Construction Business Cards
Construction Business Cards

Custom business cards are one of the most convenient ways to strengthen your business in the field. Carry a stack of construction business cards in your pocket on the way to any jobsite and be ready to share your name, business, and contact information to anyone who needs it. Never be caught empty-handed again. Bring your business wherever you go and see your base of clients grow. Every construction business needs quality business cards.

Using our business card makerOpens a new window, you can customize every design aspect of your card, and personalize all of your text. Be sure to include your name and the information for your most reliable mode of communication first. Use your own logo, or design a completely new construction logoOpens a new window right on our site that fits your business’s personality and goals. We’re here to help your construction company grow. Let’s work together.

Tips for Designing Professional Business Cards

1. Select a great template.

We have 1,000s of business card templates for you to choose from. Of those, we have plenty of construction-specific templates perfect for you and your business. Browse through our professionally designed templates to find the card that fits you. From here, you can input all of your contact information, upload a logo or other pictures, and change the layout and colors. The entire card is completely personalizable. You’ll leave our site with an effective, unique card.

2. Use multiple text sizes.

The eye is attracted to things that are the largest first. Use this to your advantage when designing your construction business card. Your business logoOpens a new window or photo should be the largest image on your card and your company name should have a slightly larger font than all other your other information. These are the things you want a client to remember even if they remember just one thing. Ideally, the font size of your name and most reliable mode of communication, either phone number or email address, should be the next largest on your card followed by all other information.

3. Choose your font wisely.

Choosing a font for your business card can be difficult. The font on your business card helps a potential customer form an instant impression about you and your business. Serif and script fonts (like Times New Roman or Corsiva, respectively) are more formal than other fonts, so they may not fit your construction company as well as you’d like. San serif or decorative fonts may be the best way to go. Sans serif fonts are casual, yet still easy-to-read and authoritative. Decorative fonts can be fun, and can portray a certain message about your company that you may not be able to say fully in words.

When you’re ready design your new business cards, head over to our design tool to get started!

Construction Business Cards