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Custom Business Cards for Consulting

Design personalized cards online in minutes

Consulting Business Cards
Consulting Business Cards
Consulting Business Cards

Consulting business cards need to inspire confidence. In order to be a successful consultant, you need to be trusted. Your professional advice has the potential to turn a business around. Don’t let your business card hold you back. Using our site, you can create a custom consulting business cardOpens a new window, sure to bring assurance to your clients. Don’t get lost in the mix and fall behind. Stay ahead of the game and design an effective, custom card today.

Other than making strong first impressions, a strong consulting business card can make lasting impressions. Business cards are the easiest way for someone to keep track of your name and number. Most professionals keep business cards they are given either in physical form, or they add the information to their contact list. Either way, the first impression your card made needs to be strong enough to be remembered more strongly than that of your competition.

Tips for Designing Professional Business Cards

1. Choose your font wisely.

Keep your fonts professional. There are several different types of fonts, and they all have different purposes. Serif fonts--fonts with small lines attached to the end of strokes--are seen as the most trustworthy fonts. Try using Baskerville or Times New Roman to achieve this task. Sans serif fonts like Arial or Trebuchet are still attractive to the eye, just not as fundamental or authoritative as the serif fonts.

2. Utilize white space.

Another factor to think about is the amount of white (or negative) space on your business card. Leaving areas blank draws the viewer’s eye to the parts of the card that do have information. To achieve the right balance, only include the most important and relevant information and images. Potential clients should be able to easily find your name, logoOpens a new window,the business name, and a phone number and/or email address on the card.

3. Use the back of your card.

Don’t forget to design the other 50% of your business card! Back of cards are generally more colorful and image-heavy. Include a larger version of your business logoOpens a new window or a stylized writing of your name. Many consultants also choose to include an appointment reminder on the back of the card because it provides all the necessary information for your business and assists with booking additional follow-up services.

When you're ready design your new business cards, head over to our free business card makerOpens a new window to get started!

Consulting Business Cards