Custom Post-It Notes

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  • FULL-COLOR Printing on 3” x 5” in Heavy Card Stock Cover
  • 50 SHEETS of 3” Post-It Notes
  • 5 SETS 50 Neon Multi-Colored Post-It Flags
  • STARTING at Only $1.29!
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Custom Post-It Note Packs

Design custom Post-It notes for your business

Our custom Post-It notes are 3" x 5" and include a heavy card stock cover. These packs hold 50 standard-sized yellow sticky notes and 5 sets of 50 neon sticky flags. These custom sticky notes are the perfect size for your logo design and business name. Personalized Post-It notes are ideal for teachers, accountants, and anyone looking to stay organized

How to design custom sticky notes

Use our versatile online designer to create high-quality brand-boosting sticky note pads. Design your pack with your own custom logo to really make it pop. Choose your own fonts, colors, images, text, and layout to personalize your Post-It note pack. Our process is simple and will take just a few minutes out of your day. Once you're finished with your design, simply save it, adjust your quantity, and make your purchase. FreeLogoServices will ensure that your custom Post-It notes are printed with precision and care.

Why choose personalized Post-It notes

Place your brand somewhere practical and unexpected with personalized Post-It notes. Show confidence in your brand by sharing professional custom sticky notes with customers, partners, and friends. Here at FreeLogoServices, we believe that time saved is time well spent. That’s exactly why we make creating custom promotional products so easy. It's fast, fun, and affordable. Design custom Post-It notes today!