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Instilling trust through professional daycare logos

Single moms or households where both parents work have only a handful of options when it comes to childcare: relatives, a babysitter, an au pair or daycare. As a daycare provider, your main obstacle is competing with the love and attention the other three are assumed to provide, which makes a quality brand image and a professional daycare logo a necessity.

As any working mom or dad can probably tell you, the quality of daycare service can make or break a career. If a parent is stressed about their child's well-being, it can lead to distraction on the job and a considerable impact on job performance. The confidence of knowing that a child is in an environment that is safe, loving and stimulating frees them from the worry and stress that often accompany daycare services. With all this in mind, you can design a highly effective daycare logo by addressing these concerns in words and images, highlighting the particular aspects of your daycare service that meet and exceed them, easily positioning yourself above competitors.

Start by focusing your attention on the following essential logo design elementsOpens a new window:

1. Simple

As with so many things in life, less is more. A clean, uncomplicated daycare logo is typically composed of easy-to-remember words and images. FontsOpens a new window are often formatted in bold typeface, making them as easily readable from a sidewalk as they are online. Symbols will be specific to the age-range you service but often include toy blocks, babies, baby animals, footprints, handprints, clouds, kites, rainbows and balloons.

2. Colorful

The brighter the better. Remember, you’re appealing to moms and dads but the kids will be exposed to your brand image on a daily basis as well. Make sure it’s something they’ll find cheery and engage with. But keep in mind: the more colors you include, the more expensive it will be to print. So try to keep your daycare logo to two or three colors (including black as one of the colors). And make sure to avoid dark colors that overlap, enabling it to be converted to black and whiteOpens a new window to save on printing costs if necessary.

3. Detailed

Like any business, you’re competing against other providers. Unlike other businesses, one of your competitors is often grandma. And she’s a tough one to beat! So use your daycare logo to highlight any and all aspects of your service offerings that can set you apart from others. Do you have an extensive play area with slides and a jungle gym or offer basic education classes to foster development in preparation for preschool? Are you affiliated with a particular religious faith or professional organization like the United Way? These are just a few of the many specialized offerings that should be incorporated into your daycare logo.

4. Versatile

Select words and images that look good at any size. This enables you to effectively use your daycare logo on an almost limitless range of signage and productsOpens a new window, including street signs, sidewalk boards, t-shirts and fliers. Achieve this goal by avoiding designs that are dominant in one direction, whether vertical or horizontal, as they can be difficult to format for certain purposes.