Custom Hair Stylist Business Cards

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Hair Stylist Business Cards
Hair Stylist Business Cards
Hair Stylist Business Cards

People can go through a lot of hair stylists before choosing one they really like. How can you make sure your customers stay with you? Easy. You need a great custom business card. We can help you with that. Use our Opens a new windowbusiness card designer tool to choose a specialized template and then personalize it to fit you and your business. You can even choose your paper stock, finish, back-of-card design, and delivery speed. We make creating business card fast and easy.

You may not have a proper office if you are a hair stylist, but that doesn't mean you can't easily distribute business cards. Keep a stack at your reception desk, or order a couple stacks for your employees. You can even keep some cards right at your station for easiest access. Watch your appointments increase and your customer base grow. WIth your personalized business cards, customers will always have your name and number, making it easy to call and schedule another appointment.

Tips for Designing Professional Business Cards

1. Choose your colors carefully.

Many hair stylists choose their color palette based on their target market. Pink and purple are usually more attractive to females, while blues and greens are more attractive to men. Most importantly, keep your business consistent and match your business card colors with your Opens a new windowlogo and other Opens a new windowmarketing materials.

2. Utilize the back of your card.

Make sure to utilize the front and back of your business card. Add an appointment reminder to the back of your card to create a dual-purpose marketing option. This appointment reminder makes it easy to schedule a follow-up appointment, and keep your contact information right where the customer needs it. Or, you can include a unique design or a larger version of your logo or name in full color, right on the back. Either way, the back of the card makes a big difference.

3. Add a great image or two.

Many professionals decide to include a small picture of themselves on their business card. This works very well for hair stylists. In order to advertise your services, it helps to include a professional picture of yourself next to your name especially if your personal esthetic is consistent with your target market. Also, don't forget to prominently include your logo on your business card.

When you're ready design your new business cards, head over to our design tool to get started!

Hair Stylist Business Cards