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Custom Engineering & IT Business Cards

Tips for Designing Engineering & IT Business Cards

Sample Technology Business Card Design
Sample Technology Business Card Design
Sample Technology Business Card Design

Computer specialists like you need good, effective custom business cards. Strengthen your image of professionalism and reliability. Hand out your new cards when you close a deal or finish a job. Your goal is to get those repeat customers, and a new, professional business card is one of the keys to success. Let us help you design the perfect business card.

Use our business card makerOpens a new window and leave with a customized, personalized business card in minutes. You can adjust every design aspect of the card to meet your exact needs. Include text, contact information, a custom logoOpens a new window, and any images you think are necessary to put you and your business front of mind. Get started today for free!

Tips for Designing Professional Business Cards

1. Include the right information.

Choose the right information to put on your card. Always start with your name and your business’s name. Next, you should list some of your specialties and skills. Many engineers and computer specialists have more than one area of expertise. A business card is a good place to showcase these talents. Make sure to keep your card legible by selecting a few of your most unique skills, not all of them.

2. Utilize both sides of your card.

When you design your business card make sure to utilize both the front and back. For professionals in the engineering or IT industry, we suggest adding a more comprehensive list of your services to the back to your card. The back of your card is a great place to showcase your talents and skills without overcrowding your contact information. Additionally you can call out your hours of operation in this space. It's your space - make sure to use it.

3. Choose a finish that accentuates your design.

Matte vs glossy can be a difficult choice but we are here to help! Although both options are great, the matte finish is usually better for lighter colored cards that do not have photographs. On the other hand, graphic images tend to look great on matte finish cards. If your card is a dark color or it has high resolution pictures, a glossy finish is ideal. Still unsure? Order both and see which you prefer! Both card are sure to showcase your IT or engineering skills in a professional manner.

When you’re ready design your new business cards, head over to our design tool to get started!

Steps to design a Card Design Choose text Design Your Back Choose Your Card Finish and other options