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Establishing a professional tone with quality law firm logos

Your law firm is a brand. Widely dependent upon the specific type of law you practice, ranging from personal injury and estate probate to corporate contracts, intellectual property and litigation, law firm logos can be used to instantly and effectively sell your services to the general public or a corporate buyer.

When it comes to marketing a law firm, the brand typically consists of the legal services you provide, any non-legal assistance you supplement, as well as the fees associated with services. Also known as your value proposition or unique selling point, these elements form the foundation of a strong law firm logo by distinguishing you from the countless other firms that hang out a shingle with little more than a name. If you’re looking to grab attention and grow your client list Opens a new window, take a few hints from the firms that are successfully marketing their services through an impressive and memorable brand image. Here’s where to start.

The three components of a professional law firm logo

Start by taking a quick glance through Google to review some of the law firm logos you’ll find with a simple search. They almost always bear the name of the practice and will often highlight initials as a design element. Typically reserved in terms of color and composition, you’ll find that most of them focus on three primary elements:

1. Specialization.

As mentioned above, few things distinguish your firm faster than the specific type of law you practice. So begin the design process by listing all the words associated with your firm. This will give you a list of potentials for both images and text, culling words from your list to create a tagline Opens a new window that’s targeted directly at your ideal client.

2. Differentiation.

Once you’ve established the specifics of your business, the next stage is holding those legal services up against the offerings of competitive law firms. In doing so, you’ll quickly discover what you do better than others, creating another potential list of words that can be translated to images and branding taglines. For example, are you on your own or part of a practice? Does your firm specialize in the environment or take cases pro-bono? Do you negotiate contracts or arrange financing? Do you specialize in providing legal assistance in civil cases for low-income individuals? These are just a few selling points that can be used to select effective and highly saleable words and images for dynamic law firm logos.

3. Creativity.

If you go back to the list of Google results, which logos naturally draw your eye? Odds are they have some form of enhanced creativity. Whether it’s a unique use of art or a commanding set of initials, great law firm logos are those that set themselves apart in a sea of words. Effective law firm logos Opens a new window bypass the cookie cutter formula and find interesting ways to combine images like gavels, columns and sometimes even just a pair of well-chosen lines. When striving for creativity, it’s also beneficial to keep in mind the list of words you gathered earlier related to specialization. If you live in a picturesque part of the country or cater to a particular industry, images of trees, mountains, globes and even tech-related symbols can help produce a highly distinguishable brand image for your law firm – one that makes a direct appeal to your region or area of expertise.