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What is a logo generator?

A logo generator allows small businesses to quickly and easily design their own logo online without the need for an expensive graphic designer. Most design software products generate logo recommendations based on your logo text and your industry. We've built our tool with small businesses in mind. With industry specific and generic logo options, creating your own logo has never been easier.

Why are online logo generators vital to small businesses?

Working with a graphic designer to create a logo is not a luxury that many small businesses can afford. On top of the cost, it also requires weeks, possibly months, of back-and-forth communication to make sure that the final product is right for your business. FreeLogoServices' online logo generator has revolutionized the logo design process for businesses worldwide. It truly makes generating the best logo for your brand easy, fast, and affordable.

Why does FreeLogoServices have the best logo generation tools?

Our logo generator was designed to be easy to use, affordable, and fun. Researching other logo builders, we made sure to create a platform that does not require any technical or design skills and no software downloads. When you start using our logo generator, we don't expect you to know exactly what you want - that our job! We've added new badge, initial, and text-only logo templates on top of our other 1000+ options to give you the best selection of logos available online. Browse, edit, and save multiple logos until you generate the logo that is right for your business.

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