Business Cards

Add an Edited Logo to a Business Card

To edit the logo on your business card, please be sure to go to the "My Projects" section of your account. You will then follow the steps below: 

Step 1: You can find the business card you wish to edit and select "Edit Card".

Step 2: This will take you to the Step 3 Editing Tool.

You can remove the image that is currently in your business card design by selecting it and clicking on the "X" to remove the image.

Step 3: You now have the ability to Upload an Image by selecting the "Upload Logo/Image" button.

This will bring up a box that allows you to either upload a Logo that is in your account or upload an outside image from your computer. 

Step 4: Once you place the new design on your business card, you can review it to see if you have any further changes or edits. 

Step 5: Lastly choose the "Save Design" button once completed.

Your cards are now ready to be ordered. 

Create Multiple Cards and Purchase as One Order

Once you have purchased or completed your business card and you wish to purchase the same business card for a different person/co-worker you will proceed as follows:

Before you begin to create a new card, be sure to put your first business card made in your cart with your chosen options.

Step 1: You will then click on the "My Account & Projects" button located in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 2: Next choose "My Projects" from the drop-down and then click on Business Cards to the left-hand side. 

Step 3: You will find the business card that you wish to create for a different person/coworker and you will click on the "Duplicate Card" button.

Step 4: This will bring you to Step 3, which is our editing page. You will now be able to change the personal information needed on this page by using the white text boxes on the left-hand side of the screen. Choose the text box that will need to be changed by clicking on the text in the box. You can either backspace to delete the current text or double-click the text box till it is highlighted and hit your backspace key to erase the current text.

Step 5: Once you have made all the changes on the business card on this page you will click on the "Save" button, which is located in the bottom right of the editing screen.

Step 6: It will then ask you to check that your spelling is correct. If you need to make an additional changes or corrections click on the Continue Editing Button. If you do not need any corrections or further changes click on the Save Design Button.

Step 7: After saving you may now choose your quantity, paper stock, how you wish the back of your business card to be designed or if you may leave the back blank.Your new business card will now be added to your cart. 

If you wish to make another business card with the same template for a different person/co-worker you will follow these steps again to complete.

You will also be able to locate all of the business cards in your "My Projects" list. As once they are saved they will be filed under your business card section on this list.

Edit a Business Card

Are you having trouble continuing to edit your card? Here is step by step instructions on how you can proceed to edit the Business Card below. 

Step 1: Please locate “My Account & Projects” at the top of our site. Here you will choose “My Projects”. 

Step 2: Once on your “My Projects” page, you will locate the Business Card template you wish to edit and select “Edit Card”.

This will take you to the Step 3 Editing Tool.

Here you can change the logo image on your card, Add, remove or edit text on your card, change the colors on the card as well as design the back of your business card. 

Step 3: Change the Logo image. 

You can remove the image that is currently in your business card design by selecting it and clicking on the "X" to remove the image.

Next, you can add a newly saved logo image or upload an image of your own. You may do so by selecting the “Upload Logo/Image” button in the top left corner. 

You can now begin to use another Logo that is saved to your account or upload an outside image from your computer. 

Step 4: Edit the text on your Business Card

The text boxes are on the left of your screen. Click on the text box in order to add the text you need to edit and make the necessary changes. You can change the text, the font, font size, and color.

Selecting the "Add Text" button will bring up a new text box for you to use.

Step 5: Design the Back of your Business Card

Select the “Flip To Back” button under the card design

You can add text as well as choose to use the Business Card design from the front of the card.

Step 6: Once you have completed your design, you can select the "Save Design" button in the lower right-hand corner. This will save an updated version to your account. You can then proceed to place this in your account or continue editing products before completing your order. 

Once you are done updating your card, you select Save Design and your card will be ready to order.