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Can I Have a Sample of Your Merchandise?
Thank you for contacting us expressing interest in our products. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality products and service possible. Although we do not currently offer free samples of our products, we do offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee. With this guarantee you can confidently order any of our products.
Edit a Product

To continue editing a T-shirt or one of our product options saved on your account you will need to follow the steps below. This will guide you on uploading images, editing text and on our Classic T-shirts the backside design.

Step 1: Please locate “My Account & Projects” at the top of our site. Here you will choose “My Projects”. 

Step 2: Once on your “My Projects” page, you will locate the item you wish to edit and select “Edit Design”.

Step 3: Uploading Image.

This will take you to our Step 3 Editing Tool. Here you have the ability to Upload an Image by selecting the “Upload Logo/Image button”.

You can either upload a Logo that is in your account or an outside image from your computer. 

In order to change the size of the uploaded image, you can do so by clicking and dragging the arrows.

Please note at this time we do not offer the option to upload outside images for our Embroidery processes.​

Step 4: Adding Text

You will also have the ability to Add Text. To begin adding additional text to your product please select the “Add Text” button. This is located on the left-hand side below the preview of your product. 

This will bring up a text box. You can enter the text you need here. 

You can choose different font styles and sizes until you find the style that suits your needs.

Step 5: Editing the back of your T-shirt

You can also design the back of your t-shirt by selecting “Flip To Back”

Much like the front of the T-shirt design, here you can Upload an Image or Add text to the back of your T-shirt.

Step 6: Once you have completed your design, you can select the "Save Design" button in the lower right-hand corner. This will save an updated version to your account. You can then proceed to place this in your account or continue editing products before completing your order. 

Upload my own images to your products

While creating your product you have the ability to upload additional images in the Step 3 Editing tool. You can even upload your own external image!

Step 1: When in the Step 3 Editing tool, select the button that says “Upload Logo/Image”

Step 2: You will then see a screen will pop up asking for you to either browse the logos in your account and select one, or Upload a logo/image from your computer. It is best to use a PNG or JPG file.

Step 3: Once you upload your image, you will then be able to crop or rotate the image to place it in the correct location. Be sure to select "Save Design" when you are finished designing your product.

*Note this option is not included in our embroidered products. We hope to offer this option in the future!