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How to create a plumbing logo that works as hard as you do

Whether you’re a solo contractor that services individual households, part of a team that maintains plumbing for apartment complexes, or own a company that contracts out to large corporate facilities, the plumbing services you provide comprise the whole of your business offerings. And to compete in today’s image-centered marketplace, that business needs a face. That’s where a professional plumbing logo comes in.

Through the power of words and images, plumbing logos differentiate your services from the thousands of other guys competing for the same limited number of service calls, remodels and new construction by clearly stating the specifics that make you unique. And with the wealth of professionally-designed art and extensive range of quality fonts we offer, putting something together is a lot easier than you might think.

5 tips for creating a memorable plumbing logo

From sinks and showers to toilets and drainage systems, the job of a plumber is highly specialized (and underappreciated if you ask us). Regardless of your particular specialty, it’s crucial to let people know exactly what sets you apart. Here are seven tips to keep in mind when designing a plumbing logo that will help you create a memorable image.

1. Select words and images that coincide with your niche.

Whether you specialize in swimming pools and hot tubs, environmentally-friendly solutions or just provide an all-around menu of general services, choose imagery that best represents your business. Popular plumbing symbols include pliers, wrenches, pipes, tools boxes and water drops.

2. Try bold images.

Another thing that can help in the creation of a plumbing logo is choosing symbols often associated with the trade that can be identified at a glance. A good way to see what other companies are using is to spend some time on the web browsing local services. From there, you can narrow the list to images that will not only help you compete but, more importantly, stand out.

3. Create a strong, balanced image without over-designing.

Clutter makes your logo hard to read and even harder to remember. So when selecting images, stick with one dominant symbol that summarizes your specialty and pair it with text that doesn’t get lost behind the art.

4. Pick persuasive colors.

Color bears a significant level of importance within your logo, prompting a psychological and emotional response from the viewer. Bold colors imply trust, intelligence and authority. As a result, primary shades of red, blue and green are some of the most popular hues for the plumbing industry.

5. Translates easily to black and white.

Your plumbing logo will appear in an endless number of marketing tools, from web sites and email signatures to newspaper ads, phone books and business cards. As a result, it needs to look just as good in black and white as it does in color, as some of these mediums may not offer coloring printing (at least not at an affordable price). So pay close attention to your layout if you have overlapping words and images, making sure the colors are unique enough so they don’t become illegible when converted to black and white.