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Custom Real Estate Business Cards

Tips for Designing Real Estate Business Cards

Real Estate Business Cards
Real Estate Business Cards
Real Estate Business Cards

Custom business cards are essential for any professional real estate agent. A majority of the time real estate agents are out there in the field, outside of the office. You need a way to be able to make a lasting impression on potential sellers and buyers. A business card is the best solution. Design a custom card using our business card maker, have a few of cards on you at all times, and distribute your cards. You'll see the difference it makes in your business.

Using FreeLogoServices.com, you can design nearly every aspect of your real estate business card. Choose what images you want to place on your card, you can design a logo Opens a new window on the site for your card, or upload your own logo, graphic, or photographs. We have glossy and matte finish options, and your choice of premium or ultra-premium paper stock. We only use clear, clean ink and we can print your card in full color on one or both sides. When you're ready to get started, log on. We'll help you get the card you need.

Tips for Designing Professional Business Cards

1. Choose your colors carefully.

Most real estate companies use three main colors for their signs, logos Opens a new window, and business cards: red, white, and blue. The reason for this simple, they stand out. Red, white, and blue don't usually appear in places where real estate agents advertise with signs (lawns, driveways, storefronts). If you want your company to stand out, try using these colors. Or experiment with other vibrant colors (like bright orange or yellow) to stand out from your competitors.

2. Add a great image or two.

Because real estate agents usually travel alone, but still represent a larger company, many real estate agents include their picture on their card. This helps buyers and sellers to not only remember your name, but also what you look like. You can also choose to include you logo (which is recommended) and other graphics that represent how you do business. Remember to not include too many images, though, because this can make your card look crowded and unprofessional.

3. Utilize the back of your card.

For real estate professionals, the back of the business card is just as important as the front. On the front, you always include your name and contact information, but the back is where we get a little more freedom. Many people include appointment reminders on the back which is extremely helpful for real estate professional, especially if you include the address of the property where you are planning to meet.

When you're ready to design your new cards, head over to our free business card Opens a new window design tool to get started!

Real Estate Business Cards