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Creating memorable restaurant logos that speak for themselves

Without a hefty advertising budget, a logo is often the only available marketing tool for a restaurant that wants to impress itself upon consumers without spending a fortune. And that little branding component has a big job to do, often including the identification of dining atmosphere, food and its specific variety, availability of take-out, and the sellable aspects of service that go into preparation and delivery.

Given all that, there’s a fine line when creating a restaurant logo. On the one hand, restaurant logos should feature a design that’s direct and easy to read, especially when considering the customer may only have a moment to glance at it from a moving car or bus. At the same time, it shouldn’t be so simple that it fails to impart the restaurant’s unique concept and blends into the background of the thousands of other dining options. But with a little consumer insight and our extensive art database and quality fonts, coming up with a striking restaurant logo isn’t as tricky as you might think.

Ingredients of a tantalizing restaurant logo

If you take a moment to review your favorite restaurant logos, you’ll notice there are three main elements that combine to form a persuasive combination of message and brand image. These include:

1. Name.

Unless you plan on setting up a super-exclusive eatery with seating that only accommodates two patrons per night, you’ll want to get your name out in front of the consumer to establish the widest possible brand recognition. It’s also great for generating buzz and positive word of mouth! Typically included on web pages, print ads and television commercials as well as billboards, bus stops and, most importantly, the exterior of your building, the name of your restaurant should play a distinctive role in your finished logo. Nationally popular examples include: Denny’s, Sonic, IHOP, Cheesecake Factory, Carl’s Jr., Jack in the Box and Applebee’s.

Restaurant Logo

2. Design.

Similar to the construction and interior décor of your location, the design of your logo lets people know exactly what to expect, such as fast service, home delivery in ‘30 minutes or less’, family atmosphere or relaxed dining. These cues are delivered through the art you select, a choice that varies widely for each style of food. Start by thinking of the images commonly associated with your particular restaurant – a bottle of wine and loaf of bread for Italian or a pair of chopsticks for Chinese. And though you should select symbols to craft the best image possible, you also want to avoid getting too far outside your service offerings as you’ll impart the wrong impression. Think about the difference between cloth napkins and paper – a concept that would appeal to two very different types of patron.

Restaurant Logo

3. Color.

We saved the best for last – literally. Your choice of color has one of the most profound impacts on the purchase decision of a consumer. And when it comes to designing restaurant logos, the primary color is red. That’s because the color red has been shown to directly influence appetite, which is probably why it’s part of so many enduringly popular restaurants and food brands. Consider the logos for Coca-Cola, In-N-Out Burger, Dole, Heinz, KFC, Pizza Hut, DQ, Wendy’s, Pringles, McDonald’s and Del Monte, and even major grocery chains like Ralph’s, Vons, Safeway and Kroger. Find creative ways to mix a red accent into the colors associated with your style of food, thereby incorporating this proven color scheme into your fonts and artwork.

Restaurant Logo