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5 Elements to a Great Church Logo Design

Logos often serve as your greatest brand ambassador. And the same holds true whether you’re running a Fortune 500 company or a local church. Creating an effective logoOpens a new window allows you to instantly communicate your philosophy and focus to a wide range of people. And that’s why many churches are spending an increasing amount of time developing logos that accurately represent their ministry.

Similar to their corporate counterparts, a church logo has a number of elements that allow it to communicate the strongest message possible, including text, symbols and a range of formatting options. Combined in the proverbial creative soup, these factors contribute to the same goal: producing a logo design that is unique and capable of identifying your church in a single glance.

Where to Focus Your Efforts

Among the many variations, these five elements have been shown to have the greatest impact:

1. Strong, identifiable visuals

Most church logos use an image or symbol that is specific to their faith. Often incorporating a cross, dove, menorah, star or image of Christ, these widely-recognized symbols impart the specific type of worship practiced and are often selected for their ability to convey feelings of peace, unity and comfort.

Church Logo

2. Tagline, ministry slogan or scripture

Summarizing a philosophy or founding tenet, a tagline or sloganOpens a new window can be a short inspiration taken from the church’s core principles. In the same way, passages of scripture can be used to highlight the specific values that the church adheres closest to, backing up your ministry’s tagline or slogan. But remember, this is going to have to fit on a number of materials, including letterhead, envelopes and postcards. So make sure you select something concise.

Church Logo

3. Colors

In the same way that a symbol can impart a tranquil mood, so too can the choice of colorOpens a new window. Though varying widely though unique branches and denominations, many churches are centered on a philosophy of peace. As a result, colors used for typographic and symbolic elements are often cast in shades of yellow, white, blue and red, with combinations of these four also popular.

Church Logo

4. Fonts

Though ministries differ from church to church, most religious organizations strive toward a more formal appearance, respecting ideas that are often serious in nature. So when selecting a fontOpens a new window, many churches go for Times New Roman or similar serif-derived fonts. But this rule comes with a catch. In addition to formal services, some churches offer youth ministries and other outreach programs. These branches create their own materials with fonts, symbols and colors more representative of their target audience.

Church Logo

5. Scalability

As mentioned before, your finished logo will appear on a range of different canvases, from mailings for newsletters and fundraising initiatives to your website… and maybe even the side of your building. That’s why it’s essential to select elements that are highly scalable to representations of all sizes. For example, you don’t want to choose an ornate symbol for the way it looks on your building only to discover that, when reduced to a letterhead, the image overtakes the type (or vice versa). So it’s always best to stick to strong, basic elements that effectively tell your unique story.

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