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Custom Healthcare Business Cards

Design personalized cards online in minutes

Healthcare Business Cards
Healthcare Business Cards
Healthcare Business Cards

Custom business cards are essential for all healthcare professionals. Whether you are a dentist, surgeon, or anything in between, a great business card can take your business to the next level. If you run a private practice, business cards can help your business stand out amongst your competition. Business cards can also help differentiate you from your peers if you work in a large medical atmosphere, like a hospital.

Healthcare business cards are great for recommendations from a past patient of yours to a new, potential client. Business cards bring your name and number right where you need them: in the hands of your patients. You can customize your card to fit your exact needs. Adjust your fonts, colors, images, text, and more until it’s perfect. You can even design a custom logoOpens a new window for your practice, or just use it as professional design to add next to your name. Get started designing custom business cardsOpens a new window today and start seeing more patients, new and returning.

Tips for Designing Professional Business Cards

1. Select a great template.

We have 1,000s of business card templates from which you can choose. Of those, we have plenty of healthcare-specific templates perfect for you and your profession. Browse through our professionally designed selection and see which template fits you the best. From here, you can input all of your information, use a custom logo designOpens a new window, or upload other pictures and designs to add to your card. Everything is completely personalizable. You’ll leave our site with an effective, unique card.

2. Include the right information.

What’s most important information to include on the front of your card? First of all, always include your name and, right below that, your most reliable mode of communication. If you always answer your phone, put your phone number down. If you’re more of an email person, put that under your name instead. Either way, you should include both forms of communication on your card. Make sure to also include your physical address, website, and line of work prominently on the front of your card. On the back, opt for an appointment reminder. This will help your clients know where and when you will see them next.

3. Choose your colors carefully.

Choosing a color for your logo and business card can determine how customers view your business. Studies have shown that customers tend to associate blue with trustworthiness, stability, and professionalism. But, of course you should experiment with other colors. You want your card to show your personality, so if you love red, put some red on your card. There are no exact rules for business card color.

When you’re ready design your new business cards, head over to our design tool to get started!

Healthcare Business Cards